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New feature: Improved notifications


Posted by Steve R on 14 September 2012 at 1:30 PM

We've been working on a new way for you to stay up to date with all your Tribesports activities and interactions. The notifications system has moved up to the top of the page with a new alert feature so you'll always be able to see when something new has happened!

You can find your notifications inbetween your personal profile link and 'My Account' - when you have a new notification it will appear as a red alert for you to check out:

By clicking on notifications you can look at all your recent updates listed in chronological order:

You can also view your notification history by selecting See all notifications.

We hope the new system helps you stay on top of all your interactions and updates on Tribesports - enjoy! 

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    Robyn - where do you see that bit about a notification when someone takes a challenge we created? I'm not seeing that...

    Carol B and Rick P encouraged this.


    Didn't see it in the article. When I pull down the notifications above, it tells me who and the challenge they are taking.

    Carol B and Rick P encouraged this.


    I like the addition of the notifications. However, I have lost the sorted notification that gave me all of suggestions, people who now follow me, and the comments.... can we get that sorted view back? It helped me to get to those notifications all at once so I could answer folks, and follow back all at once.

    Jennifer P and Rick P encouraged this.


    Maybe add the ability to sort the notifications on the "see all notifications" view?

    Jennifer P and Rick P encouraged this.


    That's a really good point Carol, I would like to be able to sort to see the challenges people have recommended etc.

    Carol B and Rick P encouraged this.


    This is great the first thing i said when i joined tribesports was where is the notifications ?

    Rick P encouraged this.


    Gosh, I didn't even notice the notifications, because I rely on the alerts appearing in my emails!

    Rick P encouraged this.


    I would also like to clear notifications... it helps me to track if I have responded or not. Adding a filter for us to control would help me to manage my tribe... make it more engaging. :) For example... I like to know when someone joins the tribe I create so I can welcome them... this can get lost in the encouragement notifications. Another example... I like to read and respond to someone when they comment on my page or my comments... this can also get lost in the other notifications. again... I DO like the notification add... just would like more flexibility on managing the notifications.

    Rick P encouraged this.


    wow...this is a great step....really needed!

    Rick P encouraged this.


    I love this improvement; thanks!


    I love that it tell me who is taking the challenges I created. I have mixed feelings about the encourage list being there; it kind of clutters things up but its nice to see. thanks

    Sonu K encouraged this.


    I find it a little confuising cause I recieve many notifications in just a few minutes! But I'm gtting use to hehe.


    I love the new notifications, a great way of keep track of newcomers to the challenges I created, as well as who has responded to any comments I've made on their activities - a lot easy then going there from my emails. Great change, thanks.

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