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New feature: Intelligent Search Results


Posted by Steve R on 8 November 2012 at 4:30 PM

We've just finished a project which will make your Tribesports browsing a much more enjoyable experience; our search results are now super intelligent!

From now on, there will be a drop down menu from the search bar so it's even faster to get to the content you're looking for. The results are sorted in order of relevance to your searched term - the more specific your search term, the quicker you'll find your content:

Tribesports search results

If what you're looking for doesn't appear in the drop down list then you can view all the results by pressing 'Enter' in the search bar or clicking 'View all results'. This will take you through to a results page which is ordered by relevance to your search terms:

Tribesports Search results example

Here, you can filter down your results into Sports, Tribes, Challenges, Questions, Topics, Guides and Users, getting you to the content you're looking for as quickly as possible!

Less time browsing for new Challenges means more time getting active - what's your next Challenge going to be?

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    i presume it was changed today - how do i view all my challenges on 1 page as they now appear to be limited to a certain number per page, i usually search for a specific challenge using CTRL + F, can no longer do this as my challenges are now spread over 12 pages! any help apreciated


    i did not like that when i typed in push ups, it showed me the challenges, but they all say TAKE, even on the ones i have already done. so i have to go to the actual page for that challenge to see if its one i have done or not


    Lori - eeek - that's a bug - we'll fix it so it shows the same as before

    Lori W encouraged this.


    yay! thanks so much! that was the only problem i saw, fantastic job otherwise. You guys are great!


    Always working on improvements Steve, great to see :)


    Looks there a way to browse through our own challenges, using search, like the old system?


    Yah, fantastic, thanks Steve, now it's brilliant :D


    I was most fortunate to have utilised the sex search function earlier and whilst unaware that it was a new feature I was most thrilled to experience it as it made my activity an absolute breeze. Too easy! Thank you.


    I loved it! I don't need to spend a lot of time now trying to find some challenge I want to post in my work. Great change.

    Brenda D encouraged this.


    Thanks Steve! Very useful just a click a away :)


    I started using it since yesterday, very prompt at getting the information I needed!

    Brenda D encouraged this.


    Errr..... I think I'm spending longer!!!! I'm quite nosey and want to see what everybody is up to!!!!! Good or a bad thing?

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