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NEW FEATURE: Team Challenges and Auto-Updates


Posted by Steve R under General on 9 July 2014 at 11:00 PM

Since the launch of the new training features on the site, our development team have been working tirelessly to bring back the feature you told us you missed most: Team Challenges!

Old Team ChallengesThe totals that get accumulated on some of the Team Challenges really are mind boggling! However, the old method of tracking Team Challenges was very prone to human error - either forgetting to update your Challenge or getting the maths wrong.

This new release will work across all distance exercises so all your km can be recorded accurately for your team!

It is with great pleasure that we can now confirm that new, improved Team Challenges are ready to be released, and we're kicking them off in style with an old favorite grudge match: Le Tour de Tribesports.

Tour de Tribesports

Take the Challenge and power your team to victory!

So, what's new with Training, Challenges and Team Challenges?

After a lot of hard work (everybody say "Thank you, @simon") our developers have hooked up your training data with your Challenges - this means that whenever you log your training, all Challenges for the relevant exercise will be updated.

This feature has been put in place to save you time and help keep track of all your Challenges - once you add a training session, you'll see the full list of every Challenge that training relates to (so you won't have that "oh, I forgot I took that one" feeling again!):

Training Session Challenges

If your training related to a Team Challenge, you can see your team and personal progress on the the Team Challenge page in the leaderboard:


In the past you had to add your training to the relevant Team Challenge in order for it to count towards the team totals - this led to duplicated training sessions for different Challenges.

Whether you log your training using the Tribesports app or manually at, all your training can now be viewed in your relevant Challenges.

Please note: Challenges cannot be viewed in the training app - your training updates will still be added to all relevant Challenges.

It's not just Team Challenges which have had this feature facelift...

At the moment, we're still working on categorizing every single Challenge on Tribesports (and there are A LOT!) but this launch will include all Distance based Challenges (e.g. Running, Cycling, Swimming etc) and the majority of the reps, weights and time based Challenges too. The remaining Challenges are being categorized as we speak and Team Challenge functionality will be available for these exercises soon.

If you have a specific Challenge you want to be prioritized, please contact and we'll do our best to get your Challenge categorized as soon as possible.

You can see if a Challenge is already auto-updating if it has the green "Add Training Session" button in it:

Add Training Session Button

Any Challenge without the  green "Add Training Session" button will pull through your training data once it has been categorized. All your training data will be added to your Challenge from the point you clicked "Take The Challenge" - so even if your Challenge isn't showing your training data yet, it will have all your previous data in place as soon as it is categorized.

This change means that you should only ever log your exercises once, giving you a far more accurate training history. Whether you log your training using workouts, the add training session button or through the training section in the top nav, all your training will update your Challenges - so no need to repeat yourself:

Your updates vs. all takers' updatesYour updates vs. all takers' updates

How do I create a Team Challenge?

Because of the Challenge approval process, it's now very simple to request a Team Challenge, simply submit the Challenge as a Challenge Suggestion and add all the team names to the description. There are a few simple rules we'd like you to follow:

  1. There is a maximum number of 12 teams for a Team Challenge - in the past, we've found that the fewer the teams, the closer the competition!

  2. Please check if there is a Team Challenge in your chosen exercise already - if there is then please join in that one rather than making a new one.

  3. Team Challenges can work either as a "first to reach [insert distance]" or "most accumulated distance in [insert time frame]".

  4. At the moment, the Team Challenges can only work to accumulate your scores on distance related Challenges (Running, Cycling, Swimming etc) but we are working on getting reps, weight and time all accumulatorable (yes, that's a word...)

If you are in the middle of a distance Team Challenge at the moment, it can be changed to an auto-updating Team Challenge so long as all team members have been logging their training sessions (if they have not logged their training then the totals will not be accurate) - email to request your Challenge to be changed.

This is stage 1 of a much bigger project, stage 2 is a much bigger task. The next step will link up the Challenge information with your training data; so you'll see which Challenges you've completed with your training session.

For example: if you were taking Run a 5km in under 30 minutes Challenge, any running training where you ran 5km (or more) in under 30 minutes would activate a notification to prompt you to complete that Challenge.