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NEW FEATURE: Workouts and logging training sessions on Tribesports


Posted by Steve R on 3 August 2013 at 5:31 PM

There's been a huge new release on Tribesports today - you can now log all your fitness training, monitor your progress and create workouts across a whole range of exercises and sports!

From deadlifts to sit-ups, basketball to ice-skating, you can log tons of different activities, put them together in training sessions or create workouts which you can retake and challenge your friends with.

The improvements that have been made will mean that you can record, analyse and improve your training whilst still enjoying the support of the community - which let's face it, is pretty amazing! You'll find your everyday workouts easy to log and can adjust them if you've added more than the prescribed dose of sweat.

New Navigation

To make the site as easy to navigate as possible, we've made some minor changes to your top navigation:

New Navigation on Tribesports


Your home page will look very similar to how it currently looks, however there is new navigation at the top which separates your Training from your other social interaction on Tribesports - Discover.


Within the training navigation on your home page, you can:

1. add a training session
2. go to your training progress
3. look at your stats in training history
4. go to your favourite workouts

This means it will be quick and easy to log your training and review your progress - including all your different sports and exercises. 


This is the new navigation space where you can browse Tribes, Challenges, Workouts, Sports, People, Questions, Discussions and the Blog - basically if it's not directly related to your training data, you can find it here! 

What is a workout and how is it different from a Challenge?

Up until this new release, there was a vast range of Challenges which would now be classed as 'workouts' - this means that we can put the challenge back into Challenges by making everyday exercise routines into workouts.

Challenges will be used to motivate your training - they will be milestones such as Run your first marathon, Try a new sport or Play basketball every day for an entire weekThey should no longer be used for 'Do 5 push-ups on a Tuesday' or other exercises which are date dependent - this will be covered  by logging your push-ups in a training session. We want Challenges to be milestone targets for you in your training - rather than repetitive log x number of y exercise type Challenges (it should be noted that no leaderboard points are awarded for these).


  • Click on 'Add training session' (from the Home Page or within the 'Training' section of your top-nav bar).

Add training on Tribesprots

  • You can then add your activities in as below:

Example Training

  • Now you can either 'Save Training Session' and add it as a one-time session - which we imagine will be what you do most often, or if it is a particular workout or routine that you do often, you can 'Save this as a workout' so you can take it again as a regular workout:

Save as workout

  • This workout will be saved and can be retaken multiple times - you can also share on your Facebook and Twitter. Any workout you create will automatically be added to your training history, so if you've not done the exercise then it will leave you with inaccurate training data. The page will look like this:

Example Workout

We love to use Tribesports to inspire others, and we know you do too. By saving a workout, it is then available for other users to take/start as well. 

You can browse all the workouts in the Discover section of the site - and by starting a workout you can also edit them to reflect your real training (e.g. if you ran the 5km faster, performed 5 Chin-Ups instead of 3 or changed the Diamond Push-Ups to regular ones).


Keep track of all your hard work across the different sports in the Training Progress tab. You can review your daily, weekly and monthly exercises so Challenges such as Run 50km in 1 week will now be far easier to track, as well as giving you a much more accurate picture of your level of activity across all your sports! It will also give you All Time stats across any exercise or sport you log:

Example training data

We're continuing to work hard behind the scenes to improve the graphing, date pivots and how you can analyze your training - these graphs are just the start!

You can change your metric/imperial preferences in your My Account - so you can track your training in data that you understand best!

We are really happy with this new update as it has been the most requested update to Tribesports that you, the users have been requesting. We believe that now, as well as qualitatively helping you train, we can start really helping quantify and analyze that training too.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the latest training upgrade in the comments below or drop us an email to