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New Official Team Challenges!


Posted by Jenna A under General on 26 July 2012 at 11:00 PM

Our tech tech have been working their socks off and we've got a great new feature to help on the ever-popular team based Challenges. To celebrate this new feature we are going to kick off the new and improved Team Challenges with the Tribe-A-Lympics!

Our all new Official Team Challenges allow teams to post training data in Running, Swimming and Cycling to an accumulative log which will add up the team totals for you - no more dodgy adding up from me! 

How will the new Challenges work?

  • When you take the Challenge you will have a drop down menu to select your team:
    In the Tribe-A-Lympics this will be a choice of Africa, The America, Asia, Australasia and Europe (see links to these at the bottom of the post)
  • You must choose a team before posting any training data - any data posted in the Challenge without a team assigned will not go towards the totals

  • Once you have a team, post all your km that you wish to donate to the Team Challenge as an update directly within that Challenge.
    When you add training, the update will show up like this:

         'Cags R added 100 km of Cycling to Europe'.

  • You must do an official data update, using the 'post training data' tab on the update box.
  • All the collected data will be visible in the leaderboard of the Challenge with each team ranked in descending order by the total distance logged.

NOTE: Initally, only administrators can add teams within a Challenge. If you would like to set up a Team Challenge then please send an email to with the title 'ADD TEAMS TO MY CHALLENGE'; a link to your Challenge and a list of the teams needed. We look forward to hearing all of your awesome ideas! 

We have 3 Challenges kicking off today and many more to come; at the moment we are able to create Team Challenges for Running, Cycling, Swimming, Rowing and Walking but we're working on getting more of your fitness activities available for you to log. 

Take a Challenge and help out your team now. Our first Team Challenges are:

Tribe-A-Lympics 2012: Running

Tribe-A-Lympics 2012: Cycling

Tribe-A-Lympics 2012: Swimming

Let the Tribe-a-lympics Challenges commence!