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New Sports in the Olympics - which would you add?


Posted by Cags R under General, Rugby Sevens, Golf on 10 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

Rio 2016 will be the first Olympics to include Golf and Rugby sevens.

If you're thinking of ways to get into Brazil without the costly flights then why not get on the golf course or step onto the rugby pitch and represent your country!

Ok, that may be a little hopeful for the majority of us but here are some great Challenges to get you From Tee to Green and to get you into your first Rugby Sevens Match.

Which sports would you love to see included in the Games in 2020? (Other than cricket 20:20 of course!)

We've got some die-hard roller derby lovers on site like Hannah S - how about getting some non-cycling velodrome racing going on! Maybe get some surfers on the podium with medals round their necks or Olympic climbing would be amazing too!

Or what about bringing back some of the sports which have featured in past?

Tug-of-war: 8 on 8 teams - we could just get the rowing 8 cross training!

Rope climbing: simple, like the 100m sprint but upwards!

Swimming Obstacle race: this was trialed in the 1900 Paris Olympics, yes we're probably all thinking the same thing:

Or maybe a bit more like Ninja Warrior - it would be like the steeple chase but HARDCORE!

What do you want to see this at Rio? And which Olympic sports are you dying to try? Share it here and then go and try them out!

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    I think Cricket is much more Britts and relatives (Commonwealth) centered. It doesn't reach enough countries out of that group to be a global thing (sport) and (then-maybe) to be in the Olympics. At least until now - maybe one day... Cricket fans are probably dreaming of this day as I am dreaming to see climbing hosted by the 5-ringed event. For climbing, ope it is, I read that 2020 could be the year - that'll be ACE!!!

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    The fancydress sack race for starter, the tug o war followed by musical statues has my vote!

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    Baseball and softball! Rumor is because the US dominates (and the whole MLB not stopping their season) they removed it. With that logical table tennis (Chinese), platform diving (Chinese), 100m/200m (Jamaica) all should be removed.

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    Reading about the potential new entrants ( I'd love to see Life Saving, Sumo and Wushu !!! BTW, Cricket is in the list... Oh dear XD

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    Hmmm, is there a way of measuring zumba ability, if so that would be fab

    Ian H encouraged this.


    Tagraw!!! That is a fun sport to watch. I would even try it if it were around where I am.


    not that i enjoy watching this 1, but i am surprised golf is not in it


    "Proper" skilled taekwon-do, where not padded up like American footballer and actually have to use hands/fist!


    I think ultra running is becoming less and less of a minority sport though, I think it would make a great addition too.

    Lauren M encouraged this.


    @darditti I think powerlifting would be pretty cool, but they would need some serious doping tests, far too many steroids in the sport. @jack @arnaud I think climbing would be cool to watch. How about MMA? Do people think that would work?


    Petanque would be cool! No doping tests required


    MMA possibly, might be a bit too aggressive for "family viewing"? The only MAs that are in the Olympics are sports really.


    I suppose that is a consideration, how about semi pro level MMA, similar to how amateur boxing is accepted? No elbows or knees in the standup and no striking on the ground makes it a lot more acceptable in my opinion.


    Let's look ahead, Kitesurfing will be in the next games !!!


    3 legged race!! And the sack race I was good at at school too.

    Joe T encouraged this.


    Baseball and softball need to return! They should never had been eliminated from the games. Also add Karate so my youngest son can get a medal.

    Chris S encouraged this.


    Netball would give greater profile in schools. That and Dream Trampolining as featured on the Wii.


    MMA and rock climbing, kite surfing would be cool too.

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