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New Yogis and Challenges


Posted by Cags R under Yoga on 1 May 2012 at 7:30 AM

In the past couple of months we've gained some awesome new yogis on Tribesports. Not only are they practising instructors but also are giving out some excellent advice on site for all your yoga queries! They've been recommending some Yoga for Runners:

Sian S
 recommends the Eye of the Needle Challenge as a way to stretch out your hips and hamstrings after a run.

Sian also suggests forward bends such as the Head to Knee Forward Bend which can relieve tight hamstrings and stretches out the hip rotators.

The Pigeon Pose will also stretch out the muscles which are most prone to tightening after running.

Top tip: Experiment with when you stretch out - immediately after a run or waiting a while, see what works best for you.

Emma O has written a really detailed guide for the Camel Pose, which will stretch your quads and back.

Be sure to start with the beginner position and increase the stretch when you have mastered the technique of the posture - make sure your back is extending up and back rather than squashing down.

Emma recommends using the Rabbit Post as a counterpose to the Camel pose.

Nadine B is helping post-exercise recovery with her Challenge to use the Viparita Karani posture (legs up the wall) after your workout. This posture is recommended to help with muscle recovery and allows you to relax your breathing back into its natural rhythm.

Nadine recommends 5 minutes to every hour of exercise; as with the 'corpse pose' many yoga practitioners find the stillness of this posture challenges them - for some it is the hardest part of practising yoga!

Take Nadine's Recovery Tool Challenge for faster recovery and less muscle soreness!