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Nutrition to match your goals


Posted by Cags R under Nutrition on 16 March 2013 at 12:00 AM

We have hundreds of nutrition based Challenges and different nutrition tips on Tribesports; from paleo to vegan, bad-habit breakers to hydration innovations - there's a lot to choose from! But which nutrition is best for helping you reach your goal?

Let's face it, we're a community with a massive range of goals, cardio and endurance fanatics chat with weights-loving strength fiends - the nutrition we require to reach these goals can be as different as the goals themselves! So, let's take a look at common goals on Tribesports and the best way to aid them with nutrition:

Improve running and other cardio based sports

IronMan Steve ReidThis could be anything from running your first 10km, cycling 100 miles in one day, swimming a mile or going all out with an IronMan - cardio based sports need different fueling to strength sessions. 

For a start, you'll be exercising over a longer period. This means you'll need to top up your water, glucose, glycogen and salt supplies as you sweat and burn more fuel. This is why if you are aiming to improve your cardio performance, your nutrition needs to include both simple and complex carbohydrates to give you the energy for the longer cardio sessions require. 

Here's the top 5 recommendations from the Tribesports community on Pre-Run Meals which can be applied to many different endurance and cardio sports - if your goal is to improve on your cardio, you need to fuel your body right.

Muscle gain and strength building goals

Improving your strength with weight training requires protein for growth and recovery. Although you can get protein in your diet from meat, fish, nuts and beans, many people training towards strength and muscle growth goals will use protein shakes to supplement their dietary protein. They're a quick way to get protein to repair your muscles after a workout as well as working out cheaper than getting the same amount of protein from meat or other dietary sources.

Protein shakes pose a whole new array of choice when it comes to nutrition and your goals; whether you're striving for muscle gain, overall weight gain, lean muscle development - choosing the right protein powder will help you reach your goal whereas the wrong choice could be a massive set back.

Protein powder - which one is right for your goals

Check out this guide on Protein Shakes: Which one is right for you and your goals? to make sure you're making the right nutrition choice for your goal when it comes to protein shakes.

Weight loss goals

Cutting down on carbs has a reputation for increasing weight loss; many people beginning a weight loss journey opt to combine cardio and low carb diets which will generally lead to slow results, both on the scales and on the road! If you're going low carb, strength training will suit you better, whilst cardio training will require some carbohydrate to fuel it.

If you're looking to lose weight, make sure you are creating a calorie deficit through eating right and increased activity levels. Finding a sport to get passionate about is a great way to motivate weight loss and will actually help you reach your goals through setting sport specific short term goals along side your long term weight loss goals.

Nutrition for weight loss goals must be 3 things:

  1. Interesting - why torture yourself with food you don't enjoy? Find ways to make your favourite foods healthy and cut down on portion sizes. Scratch cooking is a great way to take ownership of what you eat
  2. Creating calorie deficit - eating healthy means eating healthy portion sizes. Bear in mind that calories are found in healthy food as well as junk food and to reach weight loss goals, you need to be eating less calories than you're burning
  3. Sustainable - nutrition for a weight loss goal needs to be something that can be sustained when the goal is reached; 2 week, month long or even 6 month long 'diet plans' which exclude foood groups are not good ways to lose weight and keep it off. Your nutrition should be something that can be turned into a lifestyle change, not a quick fix

What are your fitness and sports goals? Do you fuel them with the right nutrition? 

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    Great article!! Thanks for sharing


    My goals are to maintain my fitness, and train for longer distances i.e. a marathon in October. I run quite light, and have never had to moderate how many calories I am consuming. I am more interested in the quality of the calories I eat. I am very interested in the protein shake, I find I need something light and easy to eat when I get home from gym or a run. I have just started making smoothies, usually with natural yogurt, a scoop of ice cream, some low fat milk and then whatever fresh fruit I have on hand, generally a mashed up banana. Yum!

    Andy D and Monty C encouraged this.


    Thanks Cags. I must admit I'm guilty of thinking 'I run so I can eat what I want' Actually planned to start eating 'properly' today so this article is perfectly timed!! My main issue is I eat way too many carbs (particularly biscuits) so I'll aim to cut out the 'junk' and replace with fruit. Keep up the great work.

    Andy D and Rebecca R encouraged this.


    Im 18, and i have thin body built. I want to improve my lean muscles. Any tips from the pros out there? Whats the perfect protein shake fr me? and i only do home workouts

    Monty C encouraged this.


    I am currently using protein shakes to increase my muscles and loosing weight. I also make sure to get in all needed vitamins and supplies, by just eating healthy. Because I love healthy eating, I am not really focusing on what to eat.

    Heather J encouraged this.

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