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Ode to the Bicycle


Posted by Tribesports A on 13 February 2012 at 10:16 AM

As Valentine's Day approaches, our guest blogger has set the bar high with this love-tastic poem exploring the human emotions within sport. If you think you can do better, head on over to our facebook page where a half-eaten box of chocs could be waiting for you in our Love Poem Competition.

In the meantime, enjoy...

In the world of love there are ups and downs,

Time your face smiles, and time when it frowns,

There is no way of knowing what will come next,

There is no handbook with written text.

There’s one thing that’s certain and never fails -

Even when your love life goes off the rails –

And that is the companion that is always around,

With its handles, and wheels so perfectly round.

Your bicycle will always be your best friend,

At speed even when the road takes a bend.

On and on you travel together,

This is true love, you cannot find better.

It doesn’t answer back, you are always on top,

No complaining “It’s to fast, I want to stop”,

The leather seat and metal frame,

No man will seem the same again –

Once you have ridden on this fine beast,

Across the country, from west to east.

It wont grow old, or develop a belly,

It wont kick you out if you get smelly,

There is an element of danger, you may go splat,

So don lycra protection and a hard hat.

The athletic frame is strong and solid,

It will be there however plush or squalid,

As long as you stay clear of glass and nails,

The road is yours from here to Wales.

Nothing comes close to cycling together,

It will join you no matter what the weather.

So raise your energy drink to your bike,

And tell any lover to take a hike,

Your heart will never find a better healer,

Than your faithful friend, your two-wheeler.