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Office Christmas Workout Roulette


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 2 December 2013 at 12:00 AM

If today is your first day back in the office after a turkey-filled Thanksgiving weekend, you may have noticed a couple of changes around the place...

That's right, Christmas fever has hit half of the work force and there's so much festive cheer you're finding it hard to concentrate. This holiday season, we've devised a way that you can channel your workplace's Christmas spirit into a daily workout! All you have to do is keep track of the number of times the following things happen in your work day and then perform the associated exercises - this can be a pay-as-you-go exercise routine or an end of the day full workout, just make sure you get the reps in:

  1. The Office USA Christmas PartyFestive headgear - Santa hats. Reindeer antlers. Elf ears. Any headband with springs, glitter or faux fur. When you see the festive headgear around the office, add a 10 second headstand to your exercises for the day.

  2. Mince pies or other festive baked goods - Christmas bake-offs may be an unspoken competition or all out open baked goods warfare, either way, for every person who brings in baked deliciousness to your office, it'll be 10 burpees for you!

  3. Turducken talk - "have you heard of the turducken? It's a bird-in-a-bird-in-a-bird" Yes. We heard about it a couple of years ago but it seems that tri-bird Christmas dinners are still a favorite water-cooler topic - 10 tuck jumps for each time someone mentions a turducken.

  4. Christmas jumpers - 'tis the season to wear knitwear! For every Christmas jumper you see in your office this holiday season, add 50 jumping jacks to your daily workout.
  5. Soundtrack to your season - here in the Tribesports office, the Christmas tunes have already started (thanks @steve) and for every Christmas song that plays, it's 1 push-up (we'll be ripped by the big day!)

  6. Mistletoe mission - any time anyone shows up with mistletoe to hang in the office then it's 10 lunges - you made need the practice to escape!

  7. Bridget Jones Christmas partSecret santa spoilers - for every person who tells you who they're buying for in Secret Santa, it'll be a one minute plank.

  8. Office party no-shows - for every person who doesn't make it to work the day after the office party, it'll be 10 crunches.

  9. The one-way gift - someone gets you a present and you haven't got them one - 1km run for giving the gift of an awkward thank-you-hug.

  10. Holiday hoarder - for every day of annual leave you have saved up for the festive period, it'll be 1 minute wall squat.

See how many of your co-workers you can get to join in on your Office Christmas Workout Roulette, track your progress in the Workout and share all your best photos in the We Love Christmas Tribe!