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Pregnancy Appropriate Yoga


Posted by Cags R under Yoga on 8 June 2012 at 11:00 PM

I recently spoke with Yuri Tada - a yoga instuctor who specialises in pregnancy and post-natal yoga. Yuri draws on her own experiences as a mother and on the experiences of each member of her class to tailor the classes to the needs of the women attending them.

The class was a real mixture of ladies; some expecting their second or third child and others expecting their first, a varied age range and each at a different stage of pregnancy too. As well as being a good way to exercise during pregnancy, Yuri's class is a great way for mothers-to-be to meet each other and share their experiences.

There was a focus on breathing exercises which prepare the ladies for labour as well as helping their yoga practice.

Although Yuri recommends attending a class so as to reap the full benefits of pregnancy yoga, she was kind enough to recommend these postures which are easy and safe to practise at home:

The Marjaryasana Cat Pose

Combine this posture with the Batilasana Cow Pose to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, eleviate back pain and maintain a strong stong core.

This posture can be performed in all three trimesters.

In the series of all-fours postures performed, Yuri recommends rocking from side to side when in the neutral position - knees should be placed below the hips and position your hands in line with your shoulders. This is a good way to connect with your baby as well as eleviating pain.

The Chair Pose

This is recommended as a way to maintain strength in your legs and strengthens the pelvic floor too. Yuri emphasized the importance of bearing your own weight throughout the pregnancy; by practising the chair pose in the first trimester, the second and third will be easier too.

You can vary the style of utkatana, setting your feet further apart in the later stages of pregnancy.

For relaxation: Yuri recommends lying on the left side of the body, resting the right hand on the belly, with deep inhaling breaths and slow exhaling breaths. Lying on the left side is preferable during pregnancy though beware of the dreaded dead-leg!

These are simple postures which are safe throughout your pregnancy but to learn more see if you can find a pregnancy yoga class near you. Also find support here on Tribesports in the Mums To Be Fitness Tribe.