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Product Insight: What is Aegis Antibacterial Treatment


Posted by Jenna A on 21 January 2014 at 12:00 AM

This month, we've been focusing on SWEAT! And, while getting sweaty is awesome, it can come with some unfortunate stinky side effects...

We've already gone through the importance of wicking materials, however, this is only one-side of performance moisture management systems. If you worry that getting sweaty will cause you to gain a reputation for being the unapproachable guy/girl in the office, maybe it's time to take a fresher look at your sportswear.

The Tribesports Performance Range is all treated with Aegis Antibacterial Treatment - but what does that actually mean? This product insight is here to help!

Women's capris

 Debunking the jargon of sportswear so you know why your Performance Sportswear is worth every penny!

Let's start with the basics of anti-bacterial treatments: anti-bac is applied to the technical fabric during the dying stage of the fabric production process (for more on this process, check out the Playbookit is an agent designed to neautralize bacteria which attached itself to your sportswear through sweat and through your environment (sweaty gym bags, for example!).

Traditional antibacterial treatment VS. Aegis

The traditional method of antibacterial treatment is to apply an agent which is consumed by the bacteria and subsequently poisons the bacteria to neautralize it, the destroyed cells are washed away when you next do your laundry. This type of antibacterial treatment is known as "Migrating Antimicrobials". Bacteria can adapt to resist chemically disruptive antibacterial treatment, rendering the treatment ineffective. Typically, migrating antimicrobial treatments last around 20 washes - so that's why we looked further afield at other solutions for managing stinky sportswear!

Screw the Fresh Start Say It With Sweat

Aegis is a cutting edge antibacterial treatment which destroys bacteria rather than bonding with it - whereas traditional migrating antimicrobials will chemically disrupt the bacterial cell, Aegis mechanically disrupts the cell (like popping a balloon!) and remain functional for the life of the product. The word Aegis derives from Greek mythology - it is the shield of the Gods (yeah, we thought that was pushing sweat protection a little too far too!)

So what does this mean for your sportswear?

  • Active freshness - Aegis Antibacterial Treatment will destroy bacteria and fungal growth which are the 2 biggest causes of fabric odour problems.

  • Permanent nano-coating - Aegis Treatment will last for the life of the product so your sportswear will stay fresher for longer.

Top tips for keeping your sports kit fresh:

You don't need to constantly replace your kit to maintain a fresh-smelling workout wardrobe! Buying the right sportswear to start from is the best way to save money in the long run. Make sure you're getting the right anti-bac protection for your buck. There are some items which if you're scrimping on the features, you'll end up stinking in the future!

Our number 1 recommendation for training fresh: Train in the right Baselayer the Performance Thermal Baselayer is designed to keep you warm but also provide Aegis protection to prevent the smell of your quick drying sweat from creating a stink!

Baselayer - thermal

So there you have it, Tribesports Performance Wear is designed to keep you smelling of roses when you're sweating your hardest!