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Product Spotlight: Christina I reviews the Women's Performance Half-Zip


Posted by Christina I under General on 4 February 2014 at 12:00 AM

Say It With Sweat Competition winner Christina has been posting some awesome photos of herself hitting the CrossFit gym in her Performance Half-Zip, we figured it was time to hear her views on how the half-zip is performing!

Christina HandstandThe first thing I noticed when I took my Tribesports Performance Half-Zip out of its packaging was the feel of the fabric. It’s luxuriously soft and feels lovely against the skin. This was a very pleasant surprise, as other synthetic half-zips I’ve had in the past often felt a bit plastic-y, if you know what I mean. I’ve also had some disappointing experiences with synthetic sports tops that have a tendency to cling on to B.O. (about as not-fit-for-purpose as it gets!) but I needn’t have worried: apparently Tribesports materials have been put through an antibacterial treatment, which means they don’t get smelly. I actually haven’t noticed the top getting SMELLY smelly, even after wearing it 2-3 times. It gets washed frequently though (because eww) and happily does so very well (no pilling to speak of!).

In terms of how the Tribesports top compares to other half-zips, I’m afraid I don’t have a wealth of experience. I own one other half-zip top, but that’s most definitely a thermal layering piece: skin tight fit, short zip, no pockets. By contrast, my Tribesports top is a lot more versatile. It’s fitted, but not so tight that you can’t wear a top underneath or so that you spend your workout worrying about what you look like. In fact, thanks to some very well placed seams (that are so flat you wouldn’t know they’re there) it has a very flattering fit. It’s super long, so it won’t ride up, which also makes it excellent for cycling.

Half Zip Collage

Speaking of cycling, I find the reflective detailing on the arms really useful, as are the thumb holes. I was glad to confirm that the sleeves are long enough to not pull against the thumb, and if I don’t fancy using them, like when doing crossfit and need to get a proper grip on the bar, I can just fold the ends of the sleeves over the wrist. After a few days of wearing the top, I discovered a little zipped pocket on the side. I guess this was originally envisaged as a place to hold a key or some loose change. For me, it has come in very handy as a place to store jewellery that I forgot to take off before hitting the gym (my wedding ring and the barbell don’t mix too well). 

My favourite  feature though has to be the extra-long zip. I really don’t like the cold and it takes me a long time to warm up, so when I like to keep the top on for as long as possible at the start of a workout session. Usually, it comes to the point where I have to decide whether to sacrifice shoulder, arm and waist warmth for ventilation. Thanks to the long zip, I can keep warm but without overheating.

All these things sound like the type of features I should be looking for in a running top, so I am looking forward to using my half-zip when I (hopefully) start running soon - wish me luck!

Overall, I’m super happy with the Tribesports Performance Half-Zip. Like the whole Tribesports range (of which I also have the Open-Back Tank), I think it represents really good value for money.

Open Back Tank

Plus, I love the concept of community-powered sportswear! I’m really looking forward to seeing Tribesports grow and to getting involved too – more colours soon please!

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