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Product Update 2: Pattern Cutting


Posted by Jenna A on 11 October 2013 at 11:00 PM

So where did we leave the product story last time? Oh yeah, now that the rolls of fabric have been transferred across to the factory, the real fun begins - community-powered sportswear is so close we can taste it!

On arrival to the factory, the rolls of fabric are examined again under industry-approved lighting conditions to ensure the color and quality of every yard of the fabric passes our quality control. Once the fabric has been given the “OK” we can set about turning these rolls into sportswear!

  1. The fabric is unrolled and left to ‘relax’ in piles for 48 hours (well, it’s had a stressful couple of days with all those tests!) to ensure it will not change shape or experience shrinkage during the rest of the manufacturing process.
    Inspecting the color of the fabric

  2. The relaxed fabric is then rolled out onto a long table and cut into layers, about 3 yards long, until the pile of fabric is approximately 6 inches thick.
    Laying the fabric

  3. These layers of fabric are now ready and prepped for pattern cutting.

  4. In order to cut the pattern pieces accurately and maximise the usage of the fabric, garment technicians devise a blueprint of the different pattern pieces used to make up the garment, laying them across the surface area which at scale will match the dimensions of the layers of fabric from point 2.
    Pattern Design

    They have to take into consideration the grain of the fabric when positioning the pattern pieces to make sure that pieces of the garment once constructed will match up perfectly. This process is repeated to create a separate pattern sheet with the correctly sized pattern pieces for each size of the product per style.

  5. The blueprint is then printed on a pattern page which is placed on top of the fabric layers.

  6. A pattern technician then cuts the fabric into pattern pieces, following the details of the pattern page exactly.
    Laser cutting fabric
    This process is done by hand using a hand-operated laser cutting machine - something which is mind-boggling to witness and requiring years of practice and a very steady hand!

  7. Each stack of newly cut pattern pieces is then transported to the production line ready for construction.
    Pattern Cutting

So there you have it - from the fabric mill to the beginning of the production line - your technical sportswear has already grabbed some awesome features such as wicking capabilities, 4-way stretch and antibacterial protection and we’ve not even started the sewing process!

This is the exact same process that is followed by the world’s leading sports brands, in fact some of the top names in sport use the same fabric mills, dying mills and manufacturing partners that we do for their performance wear, so rest assured, the quality of the workmanship and the products being created is fantastic.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next update and thanks again for all your help in making this all a reality - who's excited to get their hands on their new kit?!