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Product Update 4: Finishing Touches


Posted by Jenna A on 14 November 2013 at 12:00 AM

The garment construction process is finished, every seam, measurement and branding placement has been checked, checked and checked again - so what’s next? Before they set sail, it was time for a few finishing touches...

First off, every product is ironed by hand (that’s a whole lot of ironing!) Next, all of the swing tags have their barcodes stickers applied (this is both for product identification and stock management purposes). The correct swing tag is attached to each garment using a kimble gun - so when it arrives, please take a second to have a flick through it before you rip this lovingly applied swing tag off! 

Finishing Touches

The garments are then folded by hand and placed into transparent polybags. Care instruction reminders and a second barcode are applied to the outside of the polybag. 

The products are put into cardboard cartons, organised by style, size and color and the exact contents and unit volume in each box is counted, checked and recorded on a sticker on the outside of the carton.

Before loading the products into the container, there are final spot checks of the final inventory - this requires a random selection of the fully packed and checked inventory to be removed from the cartons selected and quality control checked in full. This review process took place over 2 full days - here’s Sean from the office and Jerry the factory manager signing off the final spot checks; that’s some very precious content in those boxes:

Sean Spot Checking

Final spot checks were successfully completed, the cartons were sealed and the next person to touch that garment will be you! (yeah, that’s pretty damn exciting!) so from this point, we wanted to get them on the ship, as soon as possible.

The boxes were loaded into the container and transported to the the port, ready to board the good ship MSC Maria Elena - at this point, Steve and Sean were VERY reluctant to leave the container.

True fact: It is a childhood dream of Steve's to travel with the cargo from entry to delivery port in a container ship. One man's adventure is another man's, well... yunno.

Sean and Steve onboard

All aboard the MSC Maria Elena - next stop Felixstowe... 


Ahoy - the kit arrived safely into port in Felixstowe this week. From here, we transported the goods to our distribution centre where the team are working tirelessly in order to get all Kickstarter backers their pre-ordered products as well as preparing for fulfilment of orders from the online Tribesports shop, which will launch early next week.

So, that's been a quick run on the finishing touches, now we're just waiting to get the first look at you guys wearing the finished product #OwnYourMarks. What a very, very exciting journey so far - thank you all for your invaluable input.