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Race Day Etiquette: Friends and Training Partners


Posted by Cags R under Running on 10 November 2012 at 12:00 AM

Running races comes with many unpredictable obstacles, whether it's an inaccurate weather report or an unexpected cramp, but how do you cope with the social etiquette of running with your training buddies or friends on race day? Do you forfeit your target time for the sake of a running partner?

Half marathon start

Jane H asked the question on site about what the etiquette is for running races with friends and the Tribesports community has come forward with some great answers!

Whilst sport is often an amazing way to socialize, running (and in particular competitive running) is a hugely individual sport. Personal focus is required, from concentrating on your breathing to your ideal stride length, running with a partner can be harder than alone!

Here are some pros and cons to running with a partner.

Reasons to race with training buddies:

  • If you have been consistently training together, you will be able to set a pace for each other - this helps you avoid sprinting out the blocks at the beginning of the race
  • You can support each other if you are struggling

Reasons to not to race together:

  • Running at someone else's pace can be massively distracting
  • You can risk injury if you push yourself to match a fitter runner's speed
  • You may find yourself running slower than your ideal race pace to accommodate a slower runner

How to approach race day plan with your running partner:

There were many different reasons people gave for wanting to run alone on race day but it was made very clear that the easiest way to avoid causing offence is through COMMUNICATION!!

  • Discuss your ideal race time with your training partner - if you're aiming to run different times then this is the opportune moment to discuss not running together on the day
  • If you find you run better with your partner, check with them that they feel the same way - don't be offended if they want to run their own race
  • Agree a meet up point at the end of the race where you can warm down together and go for a celebratory meal

RockNRoll series half marathon

Remember that races are there to be enjoyed and running the same race as a friend is a great way to spend time together - perhaps you won't run the race together but the build up, training and post-race recovery are all experiences worth sharing with a friend.

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    Broaching the subject well before the race day is the key I think, and keeping those lines of communication open. Meting up after the run is a great idea to de brief: congratulating or commiserating, all part of the experience together :)

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    I've always found the build up before the race and the race day excitement great to share with friends. Even if we separate during the race, it's always great to be there at the finish to cheer them on and then celebrate together - all part of fun


    Setting of together and preparing before hand is soo encouraging, especially your friend will know your previous PB and will be able to celebrate with you for finishing a long race you've never done before better than anyone. Also the post race pic is a great reminder.

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    As much as I agree that its great to have your friends ( or me) at the finish line to celebrate, I have ta say that I really Hate ( I know its a strong word, sorry) having a running buddy on race day. It's too distracting for me. I loose my breathing rythm and get stiches so bad.

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    I ran the Polariod 10k series again this year and this time there were a number of friends from the BritMilFit that I know and I used/helped one of the girls during the runs. I always went off too fast and ended up paying for it in the 2nd half of the races but this year I paced one of the girls to start with and then left her around about the 4-6k mark and upped my pace and managed to do really well in all my 10k's this year and knocked off a good few minutes and she even managed to post a PB in one of the races. So if you have someone that is of equal running ability it can be beneficial to both runners and you could use it to do a negative run, which I did and got all my 10ks under 45 minutes [bar one when I was recovering from a grade 2 calf tear] this year. Plus you always have someone to chat to at the end of the race. Keep challenging :-)

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    I like your style Paul, that does work well for you. And some great run times posted :)

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