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Rat Race Dirty Weekend: the BIGGEST obstacle course on the planet


Posted by Rat Race of Dirty Weekend under Adventure Racing on 25 March 2013 at 12:00 AM

You may know Rat Race as the team that brought you Survival of the Fittest, The Mighty Deerstalker and the Runner’s World Trailblazer series , but now they're going big - really big, the biggest in fact!

Dirty Weekend Full Mucker

The Rat Race Dirty Weekend is designed to be the biggest obstacle race on the planet; the 20 mile course is set in the grounds of Burghley House, an Elizabethan stately home with all the grandeur to match this epic event. 20 themed zones make the course as varied as it is massive - with everything from the Ewok Village to the Dungeon, the zones will present you with the toughest terrains and biggest obstacles to run, jump, scramble and climb.

There are 2 distances; the FULL Mucker is 20 miles whereas the HALF Mucker is 13 - nothing like a casual half marathon distance being considered the 'light' option!

Rat Race want to make the obstacles 'The Stars of the Show' so how about a teaser?

Construction: crawl, wade and clamber your way through a building site brimming with mud filled trenches and scaffold structures.

The Car Park: WARNING: Cars parked in the red zone will be towed or worse, climbed all over; expect to wrestle your way through cars and buses in the car park zone - just hope you don't find yours in there!

Car park zone Rat Race Dirty Weekend

Water Wipe Out: there’s no chance of staying dry on this one, tackle an array of giant inflatable obstacles and massive slides as you cross this reservoir.

Biggest, Baddest, Boldest: Rat Race have supersized everything including everyone’s childhood favourite: the monkey bars - all 105m and 400 rungs of them!

Rat Race Dirty Weekend Giant Monkey Bars

As well as setting up the different zones to challenge you on different terrains, Rat Race also use it as a way to help racers through the obstacle course; psychologically ticking off each of the 20 zones helps the racers to the finish line. 

Ever wondered how the obstacles get made? Check out this guide which outlines why Rat Race have made the biggest obstacle course on the planet!

As the UK’s largest provider of Adventure Sports, Rat Race has everything you need to get ready to tackle this colossal challenge - need  new trainers to replace your mucky ones? Get online to to pick up a shiny new pair, if you’ve entered the race you automatically become a standard member of Rat Race which means you can pick up a handy 15% discount off  kit purchases online! If you want to step it up a gear Rat Race has an annual membership that enables you to do as many of their events as you like for free!

Find out more at the Rat Race website.

If the sneak peak at the obstacles hasn't swayed you, how about a COMPETITION??

Rat Race Dirty Weekend Competition

Load a mucky photo of yourself up on the Dirty Weekend Full Mucker or the Dirty Weekend Half Mucker Challenge page for your chance to win race entry and a pair of trainers!

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    Interesting to note that the competitor in the Car Park is wearing Vibrams!

    Lupita S and Nick B encouraged this.


    exhausted just looking at the video best of luck to all that take part, it looks great

    Nick B encouraged this.


    I'm sure you will do well Rose, all that fun in mud, what more can you ask for...............maybe a hot bath and massage afterwards

    Nick B encouraged this.


    I can hardly wait for this. I am doing the full mucker and I might not be ready for it but I want to know what the other 50 obstacles are haha. I am coming all the way from Scotland so a nice long drive down and then hopefully the best weekend of the year. I am a lone wolf for this one but hope to meet some really great and awesome people and I am sure I will. Rat Racers are a great breed of people.

    encouraged this.


    What wave are people entered in? - I'm running in wave 4 - 8:45 start

    Robin M encouraged this.


    Not sure @majicmonkey think I'm more like 10 so lots of mud!! I am only doing the Half Mucker so we should finish at the same time which will be around cider o'clock?!

    Robin M encouraged this.


    I am wave 5 at 9am just so I can get a bit more time to relax before the race. haha

    Cags R encouraged this.


    I am just wondering how some people are getting down if they are from Scotland? I am trying to decide what is the best option myself. The train is about £95 return, flights from Edinburgh to London return are £50 and the other option is to drive down in which case about £50 - 70. Does anyone know of any coach's heading that way as I can't find any?


    Robin - don't fly down - it will cost you another £50 to get back up to Peterborough. It's about 1.50 hours north of London.


    I am coming from Windsor if that helps anyone. I am also thinking of buying a gopro to film the occasion, but does anyone know if its worth getting for a race that is going to take around 4.5 hours to complete?


    Thanks for advice Nick Robert C - I use Go Pro Hero 3 Black camera for events. The battery life is around 1 hour ish. I know you can buy a battery pack that can boost it to around 2 hours. I think the older model Hero 2 could last longer and I am sure I seen somewhere a 5 hour battery for that version. The cheapest I have seen the Hero 3 Black is on Rat Race website if you are a member. The footage is great for them but remember you will need extra's to use them in the race like a chest harness or a head mount. Alot of care has to be taken with them as you don't want to scratch the lens. I personally love mine and will be bringing it to get the first hours footage. Hope this helps.

    Robert C encouraged this.


    We need to be teaming up!! You take the first hour and i take the second. Did tough mudder the weekend and didn't realise that the camera needs an ultra SD so only got about half hour of obstacles. Does everyone have there ticket? I don't appear to have been sent it yet!

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