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Recommended Reading: Best healthy food habits


Posted by Adrian K under Nutrition on 19 August 2013 at 11:00 PM

Eating healthy food needn't be expensive or have you running around hundreds of different food stores - check out these 5 articles which will show you which healthy food habits are worth picking up:

Foods to buy organic - peaches7 best foods to buy organic - the team over at Built Lean have put together this list to help you choose the most essential foods to buy organic: 

In the conversation over benefit vs. price, some studies reveal doubt around organic foods truly having significantly higher nutritional benefits than conventional foods. Despite the skeptics, there is a rising agreement in the scientific community that small amounts of pesticides and other chemicals have negative effects on health.

Did you know... peaches can retain pesticides in their peach-fluff!

Vitamins and mineralsThe ultimate guide to vitamins and minerals - do you know your Riboflavin from your Pantothenic Acid? Knowing what vitamins and minerals do for your body and how much you need can really help you structure your diet to make sure your body is getting what it needs. Emily Milam goes into why it's better to get these vitamins and minerals from your diet rather than relying on supplements:

While scientific evidence demonstrates that it is always preferable to acquire vitamins and minerals from food, supplements are a reasonable alternative or addition in cases of disease, dietary restrictions, poor eating habits, etc. However, many supplement claims are extreme and unfounded, or not applicable to the average person.

Joe BauerCut out grains for more effective weight loss - have you struggled to maintain a 'goal weight' when dieting?Joe Bauer's written up a great article on why addictive grains are detrimental to losing weight.

Here's Joe's step-by-step on improving your weight loss:

  • Walk into your kitchen
  • Like a homing missile find all grains
  • *This includes bread, anything with wheat in it, rice, pasta, and oats
  • Open your trash can
  • Dump everything in your trash can
  • Take the trash out immediately

Mindful eating helps weight loss and mental healthhealthy eating habits don't all happen in the kitchen, the dining table plays as big a role in healthy eating as what's on your plate. Mindful Muscle have written up this article about how mindful eating will not only improve your diet but also your mental health:
Mindful eating

In the April 2013 addition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers reviewed 24 studies conducted on mindful or attentive eating to see what impact it was having on diverse population groups. The researchers concluded that incorporating mindful-eating into our diets provides an accessible and reliable way to monitor our food intake, maintain our weight, and aid in weight loss without the need for dreaded calorie counting.

Raising your awareness of how fast you eat and what you are eating will often change the way you eat, preventing over eating and encouraging healthier food choices.

So there they are, our recommended reading for healthy eating habits! What's your top healthy eating habit? Share it in the comments below.