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Recommended Reading: Rest and Recovery for better Progress!


Posted by Adrian K under General on 7 July 2013 at 11:00 PM

Today is the first rest day for the Tour de France riders - after over 1500km of cycling, the riders are having a well-earned rest day - so what's so important about taking rest days?

Tired Cyclist - working hard to recoverEveryone should know by now that adequate and effective rest and recovery are a very important part of the equation when it comes to making progress and reaching your goals, particularly if you are aiming for performance. As well as helping you recover from fatigue, rest and recovery will also help you to minimise and prevent injuries that can occur as a result of tough training.

Here are some of our best picks from the web when it comes to rest and recovery:

  1. Built Lean Active recovery workout ideas
    Recovery doesn’t have to mean sitting around bored on the couch all day, here are 7 ideas for active recovery from Built Lean

  2. Working hard to recover 
    British Cycling coach David G wrote up this excellent guide on how active recovery should be carried out
  3. What should you do on your off day
    Tony Gentilcore also shares his ideas on what to do with your rest day that can improve your posture - use your rest and recovery time to lost that 'desk-slouch'

  4. 14 must-try tools for recovery
    If you do find yourself in front of the TV on a rest day, then you could multitask by trying some of these 14 tools to speed recovery
    Recovery tools from Greatist
  5. Maximize your running with planned recovery days
    Runners Connect explain why planned rest and recovery days will improve your running:

    "The body does not have an infinite ability to heal itself and become faster and stronger without the proper rest in between hard bouts." 

  6. 10 ways to sleep smarter and better
    Sleep is key to staying healthy and performing well, as well as progressing with your fitness and strength. Lifehacker have put together these 10 tips on how to sleep better. Many athletes struggle with getting good sleep after an inactive day or a rest day, so try out some of these to help with your recovery

  7. Optimise Your Recovery - 
  8. Ice Baths And Other Training Recovery Techniques
  9. Recovery isn't always pleasant, sometimes you have to take the plunge in order to improve your performance - Intelligent Triathlon Training talks us through ice baths and other recovery methods 

Do you give your rest days the same respect as your training days? Take the Challenge to appreciate the Importance of a Rest Day and share your usual rest day routine below!