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Rest Days


Posted by Cags R under General on 13 May 2012 at 6:51 AM

Sometimes the hardest thing for an athlete to do is take a rest day. We see it all the time here on Tribesports with the anguished runner having to taper before a big race or the avid weight-lifter cutting down on training and dying to lift that new PB.

It's easy to forget that resting is not only a necessity, it's also great! Muscles need time to recover if they're going to perform at their best and there's nothing more frustrating than picking up an injury from over training. 

GB Olympic hopeful Robert Iddiols has given us these three tips:

  •  Firstly, remember that a rest day means a REST DAY. Most of the time they come few and far between, so it's easy to slip into the trap of using those days to visit family or get some work done. 
  • Instead, just relax, read, play video games, or whatever. Having said that, it's good to do something with your day, even if it's just walking to the shops, or some stretching and a hot bath. 
  • Try to stick to a decent routine - don't sleep in too long, make sure you eat proper meals, etc., but don't overeat. Now's not the time for additonal calories - cake and cookies are fine during hard training, not rest days.

Take The Importance of the Rest Day Challenge, what do you do on your rest days? Share your advice here!

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    I do my laundry. Clean my room, eat whatever i want for breakfast....sometime have 2 breakfasts, ha. Umm, since i usually work til 4pm, then go run for 60-90 minutes, then go to bed, my days off are for catching up on all the things i didnt have time or energy to do on work/run days. If i get ancy I'll do a few kettlebell swings or go grocery shopping. Mostly, im so exhausted by the time i take a day off, i just sit n eat n watch tv.

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    oh! and as to sleep, I ALWAYS get 8-9 hours, i sleep 9-5, and work 8-4, run 430-6pm....then in bed by 8pm to read for an hour....i have no kids ;)

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    Seema like you've got it sussed Torrey


    Chilling out....I could get a Phd in chilling out ....I have no routine...I just go with the flow....see what the days brings.....:) :) :)


    nothing more important for growth than resting after training

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    After years of training I know when my body needs a rest. is that day

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