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Retake your favorite Challenges


Posted by Steve R on 30 November 2013 at 12:00 AM

To improve the Challenge functionality, there's a new feature update which means you can retake Challenges you've previously completed.

The main piece of feedback we received when we launched the Challenge clean up was that motivating monthly Challenges would be missed, however it made no sense to have 12 different Challenges to do the job of 1. Similarly, there are some Challenges (either routine or big milestones) that you may wish to repeat. Hiugely active Tribesports members like Nuchi and Sarah B raised the point when we first initiated the Challenge clean up and that's why we've added in the functionality to retake Challenges that you've completed in the past:

Plank Every Day

You'll have a record of all the times you complete the Challenge in your achievements, so you can see all your updates in one place. We know that big Challenges shouldn't just be one-off achievements so you can retake Challenges to keep active - you guys are what power the Tribesports community.

You can compare your performance each time you complete the Challenge (for example - will you complete the weekly Challenge in a week or will it take a couple of attempts?!) and get inspired to push yourself out of your comfort zone and tackle bigger and harder Challenges!

Retake your favorites and suggest new Challenges - we hope you like the improvements.