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Rugby vs American Football: Time to settle the debate once and for all...


Posted by Barry B on 4 February 2012 at 3:36 PM

With rugby's Six Nations well under - and the Superbowl taking place tomorrow - it's time for us to encourage some healthy debate and work out once and for all whether rugby players or American Football players are tougher.

On the face of it, any sport where the players wear pads should automatically suggest a higher level of sissiness than a sport without, but - counterintuitively - this could encourage harder tackles as a result.

So, we want to hear your thoughts! Which is tougher: Rugby or American Football?

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    What a ridiculous test, firstly the size of the tackler was vastly different in the two tests, then in the second test the crash test dummy is fixed to the floor, so that all of the force is absorbed by his body between the tackler and the mounting.

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    Only a year late looking at this :-S, but what a crock. The two are incomparable rugby tackles are more controlled, out of physical necessity and the rules of the game. As the guy in the video states American footballer launch themselves into a tackle because of the the phycological crutch of wearing full body armour. That said American footballers are all pussies - QED

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