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Run In The Dark: Motivate your running with an event!


Posted by Piers White of Run in the Dark under Running on 4 October 2013 at 11:00 PM

Sometimes, the hardest part of running can be making that initial start and taking the first few steps.  

Without a sense of urgency we always seem to put off tasks which require hard work - but there’s nothing like a deadline to help channel your energy and focus on the task in hand.  We study when we have an exam but without the exam the studying doesn't always happen!

Create a deadline by signing up for an event - it's the perfect excuse to start running.

If you are starting from a base of absolute zero running fitness then the key is to not run head first into an injury! In the beginning, the training should be lighter, increasing in intensity as you progress.  Doing too much too soon can lead to a condition known as the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). This is a pain and stiffness which appears in the muscles several hours or a day after new or strenuous activity and will happen when you reactivate seldom used muscles or ask them to do more than they’re used to.  

One More Lap

It’s nothing to worry about as they usually adapt to the new task and as the pain leaves they’ll be that bit stronger but you can avoid this condition by transitioning into your programme slowly. Starting easy should keep you relatively pain free and keep it enjoyable but don’t fear the DOMS as it’s the pain of improvement.

The easiest way to stay easy and controlled is to follow a plan - many races will come with specially tailored plans for beginners - check out this one from Run In The Dark

  • Follow the steps one at a time and don’t be tempted to jump ahead.  
  • Following a plan and successfully completing the scheduled sessions will boost your confidence and bring you closer to achieving that goal
  • Progress should eb consistent and limit the setback by getting carried away and overdoing it.  
  • Goals must be realistic, measurable and have definite time frames and in this case the goal is our race and the progress can be measured by completing the scheduled sessions.  

Need a little extra motivation to stick to your training plan?

Create a reason to run and give what you do a sense of purpose by fundraising for a charity and your effort will double in value as you reap the benefits from the start of a healthier and fitter lifestyle while helping to raise much needed funds for your chosen charity. You'll gain a sense of responsibility which will be your motivation to keep going and succeed. 

Run for a charity

All you need to get started is the right footwear - don't let the fear of expensive kit stop you (needn't be expensive to be quality - Tribesports Performance wear anyone?!). Keep the activity interesting and try to avoid monotony by not only running the same route all the time. In fact, you should be cross training with other sports so you can build up your fitness with less risk of injury. If your routes for running are limited then even changing direction will turn it into a new challenge .

It’s easier with company!

Run in the Dark DublinYou might be doing a big favour for someone else that needs a little push to get started by inviting them along and getting them involved in the same event.  Training and exercising with a friend will make the journey more enjoyable and without realising it the improvements will become a by-product of something you enjoy doing. Running at conversational pace to begin with is a good way to build that initial fitness but this can be hard to gauge when on your own and hard to avoid when with company!

You’re less likely to skip a session when you’ve arranged to meet a training partner and before you know it a routine will have been established. There will be points where you'll be your training partner's main motivation, and vice versa. It’s important that you keep the ball rolling and maintaining that forward momentum is easier than that initial start.

There will be times when you might be tempted to skip a session because it’s too cold or too wet but if there’s a charity and training partner relying on you then you won’t want to let them down.

Why not train with a friend for a great reason. The Life Style sports Run in the Dark is happening on Wednesday 13th November at 7:30pm in Manchester, London, Dublin, Belfast and Cork. Life Style Sports Run in the Dark is being organised by the Mark Pollock Trust who believe that the cure for spinal cord injuries simply requires enough of the right people having the will to make it happen. It is their mission to find and connect those people around the world to mainstream what is currently on the fringes.

Run in the dark

You can find out more at and we are delighted to provide Manchester Tribesports users with a 20% discount for the month of October. Simply enter TRIBERITDM at point of entry and run in this great event to support a great cause.