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Run, Pedal, Run - why you should take up Duathlon this weekend!


Posted by Cags R under Running, Cycling, Duathlon on 18 July 2014 at 11:00 PM

Right now, we have 2 epic team Challenges on Tribesports - so why not see if you can contribute to them both this weekend!

Duathlon has really emerged in the past 30 years. Originally it was used as a training race for triathletes, however with the increasing popularity in multi-sport events, the duathlon is rapidly growing in popularity. 

Run, bike, run is the format of a duathlon, and that's what we're challenging you to this weekend.

First up, we have a running accumulator - help Team Unlock reach 3210km and you'll unlock 6 new products in the Tribesports shop. Take the Challenge, log your run and it will go towards the team total!

Run to unlock

But that's not all you can contribute to - there's also Le Tour de Tribesports - 2 teams battling it out for bragging rights for an entire year! Hop on your bike and power your team to victory:

Tour de Tribesports

Then, just to top off your personal duathlon, why not head out on another run?!

Remember to warm up, cool down and have a good stretch after you take on this mega weekend Challenge!

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    I don't what you'd call it but I've been doing my version of a duathlon 3-4 days a week, for over 10 years, all offroad, approx. a 4.5k mtb/3k run then 4.5k mtb but throwing in at 4 particular points in my ride/run/ride 2 x 1 min of pushups 10sec rest then 1 min sumo pulse squats. Changing what I do with the squats and pushups every month.. Now using an interval trainer for my run legs and now finding I enjoy my running more.. But when I say run, it'd most probably be a shuffle..

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