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Run your own marathon


Posted by Cags R under Running on 8 April 2013 at 11:00 PM

Ready for an individual Challenge? Run your own marathon: go one-on-one against 26.2 miles!

Running a marathon is a massive achievement, one which hundreds of Tribesports users have added to their sporting portfolios. Marathons come with all the trimmings; T-shirt, medal and a cheering crowd to get you round from start to finish, the power of a Race Day can do amazing things to you as a runner!

Each step takes you closer to your goal

Here's some of the effects having familiar faces in the crowd can have for a marathon runner:

Graham H

Graham H "I ran my first Marathon in 2002 it was the London marathon and it was at the time the hardest thing I have done, I had my Wife and Daughter following me around the course, popping up here and there, I actually got to see them in 2 or 3 areas , in my mind I told myself they were just around the corner as motivation to keep moving, I did do some vast stiff legged walking at one point then picked it up again, but visualising them just around the corner or ready to cheer me on kept me moving"

There are many people who swear by the 80% training idea; so long as you have taken on 80% of the race distance in training, race day adrenaline will carry you that extra 20%. So what happens when you want to take on a marathon distance but don't have a race to compete in, injury puts you out the game for your target marathon or the whole event gets cancelled? Do you just stop at 80%?

No! You take on your own marathon, of course! Get that 100% marathon distance in one run without the hype and excitement around the course. After all, the first marathon was run by one man on his own, in a bit of a hurry!

Here are some of the Tribesports community who have taken it upon themselves to run a marathon distance as a personal marathon, let's start with the Challenge creator Jack W:

“Fell and sprained my ankle at about 23.5 miles but not too severely so had to hobble run the last few, but still had a great run in for 3hrs20mins. Wanted sub 3.15 but il get it next time.”

Linus H profile

Linus H "My first marathon was cross-country in the woods back home in Sweden, with no support system except for previously prepared stashes of gels and drinks."

Paul B  "Completed the Gloucester Ice Hockey Marathon on Sun 20 Jan 13 dressed in Ice Hockey Kit raising funds for the Royal British Legion. The race was cancelled due to the cold weather, snow and ice, however I was not going to let this stop me and ran the course anyway assisted by the RBL markers."Paul S ice hockey marathon

 So what do you think? Ready to take on the Challenge to Run your own Marathon?