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#SayItWithSweat - 3 essential exercises you probably don't train with


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 13 January 2014 at 12:00 AM

Think your exercise routine is perfectly well-rounded? Ask yourself one thing; when was the last time you had a hips day?!

Your hips control the quality of your running, cycling, squatting, and much more - so why not spend a little time to show them some love? There's a quick and easy workout which only takes a couple of minutes out of your day but uses 3 exercises which will strengthen your hips and help you avoid an unnecessary injury. A lot of your power lies in your hips... cue Terry G's great Hips Don't Lie workout - check it out on the brand new iOS Tribesports Training app today.

Hips Don't Lie - a quick workout with essential exercises you probably don't train with regularly!

  1. Side leg raiseswork the abductor muscles with side leg raises, build control with slow eccentric work as you lower you leg on each rep. You can also get a good sense of your hip flexibility and strength with this exercise - your hip adductors are one of the factors which will limit how high you can raise your leg - if they're warmed up and flexible then you will be able to raise your leg higher.
    Side Leg Raise

  2. Glute kickbacks - aka donkey kicks use your glutes to raise your leg up off the floor from the the all-fours position. During this exercise, your hip flexors will be stretched and contract - make a conscious effort to make the movement slow and controlled to but more oomph into each rep.
    Glute Kickbacks
  3. Scissor Kick Crunches - another test for your hip flexors as well as your abs! Scissor kick crunches use your lower abs and hip flexors to raise your legs independantly. This is a good exercise to identify if your hip strength is well balanced - you may notice you find the exercise easier with one leg than with the other. If this is the case, think about your other exercise you do; for example, do you always push off with your dominant leg when cycling?
    Scissor kick crunches

 So that's the Hips Don't Lie workout - but how else can you keep your hips in tip-top condition?

How about a seated hip opener yoga sequence?

13 minutes is all you need for this hip-loving sequence of postures, so add it to your post-run stretches or simply use it on your rest days to reward your hips for all their hard work!