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Set your New Year's resolution now


Posted by Cags R on 1 January 2013 at 12:00 AM

Chinese LanternsHAPPY NEW YEAR! To start 2013 off in true Tribesports style, let's set our New Year's resolutions and this year, let's stick to them!

2012 was an amazing year for so many of our awesome users - there have been hundreds of marathons run, kilograms lifted, triathlons completed and countless Challenges completed.

What we really want to know is: what do you guys have planned for 2013?

There are some excellent ideas in the Resolutions Challenge with a running theme of 3 main focus areas which resolutions seem to revolve around:

  1. Exercise routine - this can either be a new routine or increasing the weekly exercise levels:
    Ryan B
    Ryan B
    I guess I should focus on running. I mean, I can't resolve myself to benchpress more weight than I can handle. I'm already eating clean, and the right amounts. So I'm running about 10 miles a week now, I think I'd like to double that in the next several months.

  2. Organised events - the lovely Baldy John, for example, has set himself a 4 part plan for 2013 which centres around events:

    Baldy John I resolve to.... 

    Baldy John

    A) Reach my goal weight 

    B) Walk / run Waterford City Marathon in June 2013 

    C) Complete the Lost Sheep Half Ironman in Sept 2013 

    D) Run Dublin City Marathon.

  3. Nutrition - there are lots of different ways to improve your nutrition, here at Tribesports we prefer Challenges which break bad eating habits and promote new healthy eating rather than fad diets! Here's how Bridget hopes to change for the better in 2013:

    Bridget C profileBridget C - My resolution is to concentrate on my food choices and intake to keep my weight loss on track (slipped up a bit since finishing all Nov food challenges!) and to keep challenging my fitness, not get comfortable with where I am. I also resolve to improve my parenting, be calmer and find positive solutions for tired children and overworked parents leading up to the end of the year, wish me luck!

Whether it's a new PB on your marathon, sticking to a consistant training routine, taking up a new sport or improving your nutrition, share you 2013 resolution here - in one year's time you could surprise yourself by how small this goal will seem!