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Should men wear shorts over their running tights?


Posted by Steve R on 23 January 2015 at 3:52 PM


With this cold weather there aren't many knees on show in parks and on the trails and roads at the moment.

It seems much more straightforward for a woman to pull on a pair of running tights. But men? Well, there's the age old debate - do you wear a pair of shorts over your tights or not?

We want to hear from you - men - do you cover up? Is it just common decency to wear a modesty cloth? Do the shorts have functional value and keep you warm? Women - what do you think? Would a post parkrun coffee be less palatable surrounded by a room of smuggled budgies? Should men just be running proud?

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    Scott wears tights when he runs in cold weather & I got him a couple nice pair of UA ones for Christmas. I think they look very nice on him, but he puts on shorts over them.

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    Another option is wearing a longer shirt with them.

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    I'm ok with either depending on degree of tightness/person. I never complain when I see my boyfriend or the cross country team out for a run in them. And you should wear whatever's comfortable. But if you're just doing a mile run I think you look a little silly putting em on for just that. I also think you look a little silly if you are very overweight and trying to squeeze into them too though. If you can pull it off without the shorts, great. If not, shorts are just fine.


    Personally I think shorts or skirts over thighs look like you do not want to give up your summer gear and are out of season. But if otherwise I am not likely to think about your clothing much unless it is ridiculously ugly or completely at odds with the weather. I also tend to look at peoples faces or the way they move rather than worrying about their clothing choices.

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    @brendad The men's tri suits that I've seen look a lot like the "Farmer Johns" for diving & waterskiing. Same thing applies, wear them if you want to, whether the look works is another issue. On the other hand, if there are any grotesquely obese hairy triathletes I've never seen any of them.

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    I wear tights & legging when the weather conditions call for it, wearing them without shorts. With non-exercise outfits a longer top covers my rear-end, but workout tops don't. But what seems to get more attention is the fact that I'm either barefoot or wearing flip-flops with them.

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    @kevingibson Just be sure to remove it before going into a bank, c-store, etc. You wouldn't want anyone pressing an alarm button! LOL!

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    Tights in winter, shorts in summer. The only time I've worn both together is when I've been skiing

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    quite frankly its up to the user,,, they will know if they can wear it or not,,, same with women and tights,,, and if they are happy with their body and how they are displaying it, their choice, so respect it,,, doesn't mean u have to agree but u don't have to comment

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    I believe in modesty, that being said, I won't begrudge someone's choice unless it endangers someone. LOL!

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    I'd love to know: Are those super-thin tights and leggins really more comfortable, or a fashion statement, or a personality statement, or just a case of "everyone's doing it, and this is what all the shops are selling at the moment"? I mean the ones that really look like a thin layer of paint; on a b&w picture you'd have a hard time saying wether you're looking at a naked butt or one in tights. I've been seeing them a lot, both online and in real life. Two sides to it... 1 - as long as you are within whatever rules of public deceny your country has, you can go running in a bathing suit if it suits you. If it's not breaking a law, it's legal 2 - Societies aren't worth living in when all/most people are toing the law, they are when all / most people are willing to be respectful to others. Like: how do the parents with small kids or the grandparents feel about a dozen *sses in extra-thin sportswear jiggling through the park? Doesn't matter if you are male or female: if you feel you have to wear tights, because shorts are uncomfortable, or because you want to show of your a** after all the work you put into it, or you're in a class where the trainer has to see the muscles and joints - then you wear tights. If you know that it makes others around you uncomfortable, then maybe you don't. (Or maybe you do, because making other's uncomfortable means you are a social rebel.)

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    Let them decide what they want to wear! I choose what I wear to workout based on my comfort and taste, and they should do the same! And even if it is only for the trend: I wear neon colors now that I would not have worn 10 years ago :D

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