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Single on Valentine's Day: a poem of sporting optimism


Posted by Tribesports A on 13 February 2012 at 11:45 AM

It's 9:38 on a cold Tuesday night

And I'm still in the gym by myself

All around me is silence, not a squeak or a sound

For I'm the lonely runner left on the shelf

St Valentine has been and he's left in a dash

Offered hope via lust and then love

While I run on the treadmill - not that fast, just a jog,

To be pushed off unexpectedly with a shove

Who is this assailant so bolshy and brave

Who has come here to interrupt my run?

I look up to the dashboard and the numbers all bright

Could this be my new lover: 'the one'?

Her face I can't recognise, but the smell is distinct

A mix of lactic acid and Deet.

As she towers above me laughing hard in my face

I recognise the voice: it's defeat.

Her bellows surround me as I realise my fate

I am single and lonely and sad

While my peers all dine out with the loves of their lives

I am talking to myself. I am mad.

'You pathetic poor soul!', she cries in my ear

'Your pace is getting slower and slower'

As she looks at the clock and sees 12 minute miles

There's a feeling like I already know her

'You're lazy, unfit', she starts with a quip,

'And your man-boobs wobble each time you work out'

'You have cankles, love handles and your face looks a mess'

Is this how disappointment was expected to turn out?

She spits in face and calls me a disgrace

And it's true: I've no reason to doubt her

My training is absent; my mileage too low

My resolve is beginning to falter

But inspired by this I return to the voice

And I bark my response even louder

'It is I', I begin - 'and I run' (that's my sin)

Of my pace I could not be more prouder

'So I'm slow?' I remark as I train in the dark

(Cos the cleaners have turned all the lights off)

'Just because I'm unfit doesn't mean that I quit'

All I hear in response is a low cough

So what if I'm single? Alone by myself

As my peers are all dining and dating?

There is more to my life than a house, car and wife

I would rather be running than mating.

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    not rain, not snow, not sleet, not heat, nor moonless nights keep me from you. you support and carry me through many lonely miles no matter if I am crazy, or tired, or fast or slow, or late for a date there is no judgement, no yelling, no drama you are my chosen escape vehicle sandy, muddy and wet you go as I make you you ground me in possibility and push me to my limits when we cross the finish line or reach the end of the trail, you make me feel strong who needs a date? in my running shoes is exactly where I belong.

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    "I would rather be running than mating." -- I didn't realise these two activities were mutually exclusive, but it does explain a few things.

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    @januaryjo A love poem about running shoes? That's inspired! I have several pairs of running shoes and alternate between them. I guess that makes me a bit of a tramp :)

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