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Smoothie Recipes: 5 ways to pimp your smoothie


Posted by Cags R under Nutrition on 9 July 2012 at 11:00 PM

Smoothies are a great way to reach your 5-a-day fruit and veg quota. Everyone has their favourite so why not share yours in the Smoothie Recipes Tribe?

Need some inspiration to spice up your smoothies in new ways? Here are 5 recipes which can take your smoothie to the next level:

Why juice when you could smoothie?
Whilst juice provides you with the vitamins of the fruit it also removes the fibre - smoothies on the other hand maintain all the goodness of the fruit as you blend the whole thing. If you're an OJ addict, why not try out this awesome orange smoothie as recommended by the blog Fit is the new black. Dead simple to make, more filling than juice and way more fibre!

Turbo Protein Smoothie
If you're looking to build muscle, aid recovery and enjoy something a bit fruity whilst getting your protein dose for the day. Jack A recommends using peanut butter and vanilla protein shake in order to beef up your smoothie! Although you can get plain protein powder, the vanilla adds a slight sweetness to the smoothie and is still palatable to use as your usual shake. Check out his speedy recipe here.

Frozen Yoghurt for lower fat 
Give your smoothie a deliciously creamy base without the fat of ice cream. Be aware that some frozen yoghurt contains an ungodly amount of sugar so do check before you buy!   
The have an excellent recipe for mango smoothies which can be easily adapted for frozen yoghurt; take 1 ripe mango, cubed and skinned, one banana, 200g of natural frozen yoghurt and blend until smooth. The tang of the yoghurt is sweetened by the mango and banana, perfect summer refreshment with the yoghurt providing protein and 'good' bacteria

Lactose Free for delicate tums

Intolerance to lactose doesn't mean the end of milkshakes and smoothies! Check out this great recipe for a banana-berry smoothie from

'This smoothie is rich in manganese, vitamin C, and B12 from the fortified soymilk. It is also a good source of fiber and potassium. You can add a scoop of soy or hemp protein powder to give it and extra boost of vegan protein. Add some flax seeds, chia seeds or flax oil to give it a boost of healthy omega fatty acids!'

Using a combination of fresh and frozen berries; this recipe keeps the zingy fresh flavour whilst giving you the textures and general awesomeness of ice cold berries!

Vegan Protein Smoothie with a kick
Keep your protein smoothie au-natural with this great recipe from Teresa H. Incorporating the super-food power of pomegranate is not the only trick in this smoothie's hand; it is totally vegan-friendly with the use of flaxseeds, hemp protein and the magic electrolytes of coconut oil, this smoothie's secret weapon however is the cayenne pepper which will speed up your metabolism as well as releasing endorphines. Intrigued? Give it a try with the full recipe here.

Don't forget to share your ideas and get blending!

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    I'm going to have to give some of these a try!


    Nice article @cags, different smoothie to cater different needs..

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    Mouth watering pics... I love all recipes


    Another Yummy one... Ingredients: 1 ounce of YouTonics Melon Burst Collagen Renewal 1 cup fresh blackberries, or more to taste 5 large strawberries, hulled and halved 1 large banana 1/3 cup orange juice 2 cups crushed ice 12 fresh blackberries


    Will definately be trying these out, delicous.


    I think we are lucky as we can set/make our own yogurt here....thought in winter it does not set and one has to fall back on good old milk. These days before I head off to the gym for a cardio burn bust I whip up two serving spoons of yogurt and one table spoon of peanut butter.........on days I have fresh bananas in the house I replace the peanut butter with the banana..........I have found apricot good to..............evenings after strength work I take one scoop of whey isolate .........but am planning to stop taking this as I feel I eat enough protein in the form of red and white meats as well as fish.....lately gone back to eggs after my workout..............and by the way I came across a study done on meat here in India vis-a-vis in Europe and America and our meat is far leaner then the meat there......

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    They look amazing I don't know which one to try first!


    I add about a cub of fresh baby spinach leaves to my shakes for a bit of extra iron. Gives them a pretty green tint without tasting "earthy". make sure you pull the stems off the leaves and NEVER use frozen spinach-Yuk!

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