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Spartan Sprint Race 2013


Posted by Neil B under Running, Adventure Racing on 7 September 2013 at 11:00 PM

"SPARTANS! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty....For tonight, we dine in Hell!" Or in this case Carver Barracks in the outskirts of Cambridge, but let's not let facts get in the way of a good story.

Last Sunday, a brave group of Tribesports Spartan Warriors descended on Cambridge to do battle against the Spartan Sprint event that was being held there. (There were no Persians in sight this time).

Tribesports Spartan Finishers

 We chose the 12:30 race start time, knowing that we had any combination of Ice, Fire, Water, Heavy lifting, climbing and throwing ahead of us for the next 5+km  (It was definitely more like 7km). 

Before the race we were welcomed with a rousing speech from our very own King Leonidus who was greeted with cheers of "AROOO AROOO" and "I am a SPARTAN". If you weren't already in the Spartan mindset, then you certainly were after the speech.

The race started with around 1km of running across grassy hills and uneven terrain, with plently of hay bails and logs for us to negotiate our way around. For @adriank, our resident Weightlifter, for whom cardio is a confusing and puzzling concept, this 1km stretch may as well have been 100km. He couldn't wait to, and I quote "Chew up the lifting obstacles". It wasn't long before we hit the first of the big obstacles; The Swamp water pit, requiring us to negotiate our way under and through a very low bridge. Cold, wet and slimey it truly did feel like crawling through a swamp.  

It was a short run until we hit the next set of obstacles, with an ammunition case carry, dense woodland to run through, high walls to clamber over (a real struggle for those with limited arm strength i.e. me), a high net climb and finally the concrete block pull-up, which proved a real struggle for @priyas, given that the concrete block weighed more than her bodyweight.

Mud and Barbed Wire Pit

Julien It wasn't long before we hit the barbed wire ice pit; a 20 metre army crawl underneath vicious barbed wire, before plunging into icy cold muddy water. By the looks of the picture above, it doesn't look like I (@neil_bro - on the left) particularly enjoyed the barbed wire ice pit, but I can in fact tell you it was one of my favorite parts. The icy water was nice and soothing on my aching muscles. Although i'm not sure what that tells you about how much I enjoyed the other parts of the race, given the miserable look on my face. However, one thing I really wish I had been there to see was Julien's epic afro trying to negotiate the barbed wire and getting hooked like a fish. Afro problems eh @julien ?

After negotiating 25+ energy sapping obstacles, through woodland, grass and water, the finish line was in sight. A long run along the entrance road was followed by the final four obstacles to tackle before the finish line. The Monkey bars, the fire pit, the rope climb and finally but certainly not least, fighting your way through two pummel stick bearing Spartan warriors. One final barrier to cross before the sanctity of your Spartan Race Medal, Spartan T-shirt and drinking much water.

Fire Pit

 It really was an incredibly well organised race, with volunteers around the entire course, giving you encouragement (and enforcing the punishment burpees if you failed an obstacle) the whole way round. The course itself was very well laid out with plenty of obstacles to negotiate and constantly varying terrain. One thing I would advise if you have plans to do a Spartan race, would be to work on your upper body strength and's incredible how much the obstacles take out of you. 

Check out the Spartan Race Tribe, right here on Tribesports to get all the advice, information and encouragement to sign up for your first Spartan Race. Trust won't regret it. Visit for more information.