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Sportsmanship at the heart of Tribesports


Posted by Steve R on 4 March 2013 at 12:00 AM

1,050,799. That is how many Challenges have been taken on Tribesports. That covers hundreds of sports, nutrition and lifestyle topics. The sporting ethos of Tribesports has always, and will always, be about encouraging, celebrating and most importantly, getting active in sport. 

On a daily basis, the sporting progress and achievements shared on Tribesports provide a constant source of motivation and inspiration to the community. We love to share with you guys and celebrate every sporting goal that has truly challenged a person – nothing beats the feeling of clicking complete on a Challenge that you’ve worked hard for and receiving encouragement and praise from your Tribesports friends! 

Whether you train with Challenges as on-the-go training ideas or you like to set yourself big goals to work towards, the community and the tools and information on Tribesports should help you get there.

So here’s the thing, we’re seeing a pattern of activity that has got us thinking… There is a difference between training Challenges and Challenges to train for, and there is a clear demand for the ability to track them differently. 

Recently we’ve had a number of reports of users creating high volumes of Challenges to list simple workouts. We’ve taken the feedback on board and are looking into how to improve the way that we support your sporting requirements to track these activities. In the coming months, we'll be working on introducing a ‘workout’ logging feature which will help to distinguish between your long term goals and your day-to-day activity.

The success stories you’ve shared to date are incredible, from health and fitness transformations, to following an athlete at the peak of their game; between you, you guys are amassing some really incredible life-changing sports achievements.

We see amazing content every day and that’s because it’s you guys that are running the show: 

  • You set your Challenges. 
  • You lead your discussion. 
  • You own your Tribes. 

And you’re doing a pretty fine job might we add! Did you know:

  • 91% of questions asked on Tribesports will have an average of 2 answers within 48 hours of being asked
  • There are over 3000 active discussions on site
  • The total kilometres logged in running, cycling and swimming is now well over 1million!

So what is an achievement and who should be able to define it as such? 

It’s subjective – different strokes for different folks and we wouldn't want it any other way. Yes, there is a points system and a leaderboard, and yes, we encourage a good bit of healthy competition. Above all of that, we believe sportsmanship and fair play should be the cornerstone of all activity on Tribesports.  Weighting achievements is just not our style – getting active should be rewarded, full stop. 

The leaderboard, levels, shiny medals and even that elusive User of the Week on Tribesports are there to support and encourage your activity online, which should motivate your exercise offline, and thus reflect your true activity levels. We constantly update the points system so it rewards you for all your hardwork, again, this really does have to rely on the honour system on which Tribesports is built. You keep active and your profile will rise through the ranks, we promise!

If you agree with the sporting ethos of Tribesports, please share this article on your wall and share this message.

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    I love this site and all that has been done with it. And while the honesty of a handful of people is always in question, the only person you can really cheat is yourself. It's inspiring to see what so many people achieve and it's what keeps pushing me to work and train harder. I love this site and all of its members! I love my TS my family! :)


    I trust the honor and sportsmanship of every member on TS, I don't like to think about it any other way. Nothing will stop me in my quest to stay fit and to help others reach their goals. TS is the way in which these goals can be realized, a powerful influence that cannot be underestimated :)


    I have always been active but TS has truly changed the way I workout.I love this site for all the challenges and the amazing people that are part of the TS family.I echo the thoughts of the others.I never question what other people have posted,since it does not effect me in anyway.I only worry about what I have done and like robyn says your only cheating yourself if your not honest.Being part of the TS family is going to keep me healthy and fit for years to come and there is nothing better then that!


    Been on this site now for at least 6 months and love it! I go on here more than FB now! That aside I have also gained some new FB friends as a direct result of joining this site! Anyone who follows me or I am following knows what I've achieved since starting here and it's great to get motivation when you just feel like staying in bed or getting drunk! Of course the site's not perfect (what is?) but the pluses completely outweigh the minuses. I was on the verge of giving up on my lifetime goal of gaining a blackbelt in my Kickboxing, but since joining here I have increased my training and can see that goal in sight again. What I'm trying to say is thanks TS and as long as most of the people on here are honest and into the sport not just 'playing the game' to move up the site I'll be here. Catch you around the site and good luck with your challenges!!


    Love this site. Use it more than facebook and helps keep me motivated to exercise as I don't have a local gym or "gym buddies" as I'm still new in this city. Completely with Jane on this one. We all have different ways of tracking our goals, logging what we've done and I won't question what anyone posts. Being able to track different challenges differently would be wonderful! I use some of the track large number of reps challenges just to keep track of reps for certain time periods.


    TS has changed my life and I can't imagine it being any different now :) It was not long ago that I remember not being able to do 100 crunches in a row or run for more than 8mins so I appreciate how important these challenges are to the person attempting them for the 1st time but I no longer take them as I have improved thanks to them! Steve - I love 'getting active should be rewarded, full stop', that's what it's all about :)


    As Bridget says, this site has changed my life - sounds dramatic, but it's the only thing that's really got me turned onto exercise, and has a huge effect on my weight, shape & fitness. Particularly helpful in my early days were the 'do something every day' type challenges, as they kept me getting out there even when I really didn't want to,now some form of exercise every day is my norm. I don't think at all about the way other members take their challenges, it's all about me to be honest - if a challenge isn't clear, then do the harder option, only mark something as complete when to my mind it is, and most importantly, take each challenge on it's own and don't mark a load of challenges off just by doing one exercise, eg 100 situps doesn't mark off 'fo 10 situps', 'do 20 situps', etc. The challenges are no longer as important to me as they were at the beginning, as I've gradually worked out the ones which I feel work for me and continually bring them into my daily workouts (eg Sexy legs, Mini Abs & Legs. Core challenges). So, in summary, use this site to help you, motivate you, ask questions, but most of all, use it for yourself in the way that it works best for you.


    I'm another one who TS has change my life. Before joining this site I had never worked out at home in my life. Now I plan my daily exercise routine around the challenges I sign up for. The support and feedback of the members here helps motivate me to keep going. Kudos to the staff and support teams of Tribesports for keep a site this size going on a day to day basis. Thank you for all your hard work.


    Paradoxically, I have to be grateful to my injury, because in those two months away from the gym I found Tribesports! I fell in love right away, I could not resist :D Certainly medals, levels and the leaderboard are funny things, but of course the real goal is a healthier life, more active and better, and the best reward is to feel stronger and in total harmony with your body. Here there's no place for 'I want to but I can't', here YOU CAN, because if you do not believe enough in yourself, your followers will help you to overcome your limits and achieve your goals. Tribesports Team, Congratulations! You achieved the Gold Medal for creating the Best Sport Comunity! :D Best wishes to all of you!!!


    Great post, Steve. I have only been here at TS a few months and love the motivation it has given me. There is such a strong community here of supportive, positive people who are constantly an inspiration. Am excited to know you are making a new 'workout logging' feature. Thanks for all your efforts with TS.... it is most appreciated.


    @steve well put and appreciate not only TS, but the team's willingness to improve it and incorporate user feedback. No matter what changes you and your team implement, there will always be naysayers and we know you can't keep everyone happy. I like the approach you described for use of the site. Some independence, some accountability but all with the objective of getting or keeping us active. Thanks to you and the rest of the TS team. Cheers!


    I loved reading all of the responses so far. :) Tribesports has greatly enhanced my workouts ... before May of last year self motivating in my home 'gym' wasn't the best; since joining TS I haven't missed a day of working out and it's been easy finally to stick to my diet and not snack ... not wanting to mess up the fitness gains I've accomplished. Several pieces of new exercise equipment have been bought and heavily used because of the inspiration of so many dedicated TS members, and more are planned. :) The Tribesports team rocks and so do the members! :)


    I've only been a member for a few weeks, but I really enjoy the different types of challenges, I love to run but neglect strength and core work because I sometimes find it dull. With TS I can share my running achievements, and recieve positive feedback, whilst at the same time it's like an army of personal trainers encouraging me to get off the sofa and do some press-ups or sit ups or stretches. I think joining TS is one of the best things I could have done for my training! If members are training and logging honestly I'm sure they'll reap the benefits as much as I have in such a short time, whether it's a quick daily challenge, or a more long term goal.

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    Site has helped push me to new levels and just love all the support from everyone one and especially new friends I have met. People see me down town and don't recognize me, as I look so different then I did 6 months ago. Great work with the site, and great work by all the members. Everyone rocks!!

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    I've only been on TS for a week, but welcome the idea of changing the ability to track progress towards goals. For example if I take a challenge along the lines of "do xxx every day for yy days", or a challenge that's going to take some time of training to achieve then I want an easy way to track that. Maybe there is already a way to do so, but I find the user interface & page navigation difficult and non-intuitive in places. Happy to give you some examples if you want feedback from a new user! I'm not complaining - happy I was invited to the site and thank you for setting it up, but I think it can be improved. Cheers!

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    Sportsmanship by it's definition means fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship and TS strives to help maintain this. As members of the tribe, we all participate in the site development and as we all have different goals and ambitions, this must also be considered by all. I found the ranking system provides a fun element and a bit of competition, and gives me the nudge to achieve more whenever i slide down too far. TS has helped me keep going through the injuries and to not only try new things but to set new goals I wouldn't have even thought of. I'm grateful to have stumbled here 9 months ago. :D

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    "Recently we’ve had a number of reports of users creating high volumes of Challenges to list simple workouts." I really hope someone is going to talk to these people and ask them to knock it off. It is so ridiculous now I don't even bother browsing the new challeges any longer. If I need new challenges, it's easier to use the search tool to find them. Seriously, who out there is proud of the fact they did 5 sit ups on March 30, 2013. What is the point of a specific one day challenge that takes less than a minute to perform? How exactly are you helping to make Tribesports a better site and challenging others to do their best? SET A GOOD EXAMPLE OR FIND ANOTHER GAME TO GO PLAY!

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    " A year ago, I was browsing the net.... looking for fitness articles or some website, where I could source some info ( health & fitness wise ). That's when I stumbled upon TRIBESPORTS. I was hooked. I was always an active individual, but TRIBESPORTS has helped to propel my fitness, training & competitive spirit, to a different level. Every day, I look forward to catching up with new found friends, taking a new challenge, posting my activities & hitting that COMPLETE button. TRIBESPORTS & it's family members, ( as I term them ) have made me a BETTER Athlete. For that, I am grateful. There have been talks however, that individuals are attempting to make a mockery of the site...... by creating would be 'challenges' .......that are not relevant to the site's purpose & intent. But like everything else, TRIBESPORTS is what YOU make of it (as an individual ). I know why I'm here. If I come across a challenge, that I feel will not contribute to my fitness goals & achievements.... I would NOT participate. Its that simple. TRIBESPORTS Rocks!!! "

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