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Stadium Sprint Circuit - improve your speed work with our latest workout


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 30 April 2013 at 11:00 PM

This Challenge is an awesome circuit which will improve your speed and get you working against the clock with body weight exercises!

Stadium Sprints Circuit

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The Challenge is designed for stadiums - you could also do the sprints up local high school bleachers or in a track and field stadium, but you can improvise with which stairs you sprint up. Stair sprints are an excellent for getting your knees high when you sprint and thus improve your flexibility in your hips and glutes. If you feel your stairs aren't high enough, then you can always sprint up twice before doing your minute of body weight exercises.

The body weight exercises against the clock mean that you can monitor your progress in body weight strength by repeating this workout as a marker; there's also recommended variations from Challenge creator Cara M which mean you can increase the workload of the workout by changing up to burpees from squat thrusts or clap push ups from regular ones.

This Challenge is also a good example of how to put together a good circuit as the body weight exercises after the sprints are ordered so that the same muscle groups aren't worked twice in a row. The 1-3 minute rest between sets also ensures your muscles have rest periods during the workout. Check out guest blogger Joe Bauer's article on How to create a great exercise circuit.