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Street pole dancing: an urban pole dancing class


Posted by Cags R under Pole Dance on 23 March 2013 at 12:00 AM

Pole dancing is quickly becoming a popular form of calisthenic workout for women and (perhaps more surprsingly) men. 

The strength and core control required to perform pole dancing is often overlooked, however the sport is now growing into a globally recognised conditioning method. Pole dancing classes are becoming regular parts of people's exercise routine rather than a one-off class for a hen party or novelty experience. That's why groups within the pole community are taking pole dancing out of the studio classes and onto the streets to create a new phenomena: Street Pole Dancing.

Urban Pole Dancing

In the same way that parkour practitioners are changing the way urban spaces are seen in regards to how they can be used to exercise, pole dancing enthusiasts are struggling to make it down the streets without seeing potential poses on lamp-posts, street signs and even flag poles!

Brazilian flag urban pole dance

Street pole dancing comes with certain risks; you should always test the pole with your weight first before launching into an inverted pose!

Street pole dancing has been recognised as a release of the confidence which pole dancing classes can provide into the real world. Street pole dancing is taking the skills out of the studio onto the street, it is also driving more people to try a pole dancing class for themselves.

In many ways, street pole dancing is free of the stigma which can be associated to pole dancing in general as the practitioner is wearing regular clothes and simply demonstrating the art of pole dancing.

In fact, the view that pole dancing classes require you to dress up is pretty archaic now; many classes are held in regular dance studios or in the studio rooms in gyms. Bearing skin in pole dancing class is more a necessity for friction and grip than anything else.

Karen Bellini of Studio Pole Dance (Brazil) says that street pole dancing came about because pole dancing "is very addictive, when you learn some moves you always want to practise them".

Street Pole Dance Brazil

Check out our awesome Pole Dance community on Tribesports, there are guides on the advanced postures, as well as Tribes with great interaction! New to pole? Take on the Challenge to Try a pole dancing class!

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    Love the idea of street pole dancing - haven't personally spotted it in London yet but looking forward to it. It is a real mix of art of strength.


    Hi there. Whilst what i do i dont consider street pole dancing, I have developed something called NCG Street Pole which is all about using street structures and interacting with them. Please see this video below to find out more about the classes i run in London and have been doing so since last year. I believe that I am the only person running such classes at the moment and as this is a new form of self expression takes a while for people to cotton on etc. Please feel free to contact me if your in London and fancy coming to join in with the class!

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    You are right that strength and core control are the primary requirements for pole dancing. I have been teaching pole dancing in Australia at Pole Princess ( for many years. I love this art and always encourage youngsters to adopt this art in their life to stay fit and healthy.

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