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Stronger, Fitter, Leaner. Week 4: The Results


Posted by Adrian K under Nutrition, Pilates, Weight Training (Strength Training) on 29 March 2013 at 12:00 AM

After 4 weeks of training to become stronger, fitter and leaner, Dan Moss has made some awesome progress. Unlike some other 'transformations' out there, this 4 week program was designed to set Dan up for a more active lifestyle for life. The results we see here are realistic, sustainable and most importantly, a healthy progression for a 4 week program!

Dan Moss Stronger Fitter Leaner project results

Here's the last episode of Dan's Stronger Fitter Leaner journey where he'll show you what he's been eating and those all important health gain stats:

Other than losing the beard, Dan's also achieved some great results in regards to his fitness, body fat percentage, strength and flexibility. Here are Dan's vital stats:

Body Fat: 26.5% to 23.2%

Lean Muscle: 61.6kg to 60.6kg

Weight: 83.8kg to 78.9kg (weight loss of 4.9kg)

Patrick Fallis

Here's personal trainer Pat's final report on Dan's progress:

I have been thoroughly impressed with Dan's application to the #StrongerFitterLeaner Challenge set by Tribesports. The support he has received from Evolve Primal, Bootcamp Pilates and myself will have been a great boost for Dan, providing him with structure and "accountability" to each of us. 

I was over the moon that Dan lost over 3% body fat in just 4 weeks. Considering his strange work hours, lack of sleep and the fact he was a complete beginner at all of the challenges he was set, Dan can be very pleased with himself!

The real challenge lies ahead for Dan, as the safety net is gone and it's up to him to build on his progress.

So Dan, you’ve completed the Stronger Fitter Leaner Challenge. How does it feel to be done? Are you proud of yourself for sticking to something for 4 weeks and seeing it through?

Yeah I'm really very proud. It's definitely one of the most intense things I've done but I've genuinely embraced the challenge. I'm not sure I could have happily continued for much more than a month though, I definitely needed a break so I'm enjoying that.

How do you feel about your progress and the results after the last 4 weeks?

I feel really good - I wasn't sure what to expect but my general weight loss and body fat reduction have been really pleasing and in line with my commitment and attitude to the regime. It appears I could have increased my lean muscle more, but when you're losing weight and your muscles are constantly knackered it's hard for me to have asked much more of myself!

Are you happy with the before after photos?

Yeah - of course you want to end up with a rippling six pack and chiselled body, but realistically, coming in at 26% body fat at the start, you're asking an awful lot of biology there, regardless of your routine. I am really happy to have a leaner physique and I'm looking forward to continuing my progress.

Aside from how you look, how do you feel physically?

I feel good. To be honest I went out and had a bit of a celebratory drink with some pals over the weekend which as you can imagine, didn't feel particularly great afterwards. In fact I felt like death. But that can only be a good thing right? Other than that, I feel right as rain and full of energy.

What are your plans to continue progressing? How do you plan to keep working out?

My plan has been to take a break for a few days from everything - I think you have to when you're building towards a target like I have been - and then get back on it properly afterwards. I'm aware that consistency is key, and I don't intend to slip, but I'm enjoying a little break.

What about your diet, are you putting into practice what you have learnt from your paleo lifestyle over the last 4 weeks?

I can't lie, the first meal I had when I finished the course was a panini with cheese. And it was so good. But this week I have generally avoided big carb meals as they feel a bit unpalatable after the month I've worked towards. I'll definitely be avoiding carbs in a big way and trying to build a load of the recipes into my life, though it'll be harder without the unbelievably convenient delivery service!

How do you aim to continue to learn and improve your health further, now that you are back to training by yourself?

I think the training I did alone in the gym reaped really good results over the course of the month - the challenge will be to motivate myself without the pressures of performing for others. Pat has sent me a really helpful 'second stage' development plan that I can take to the gym and to continue to put into practice what I've learnt, which is very handy.

Which goals do you have for the future?

It would be a shame to not take advantage of this great opportunity. In the next month I'd like to lose a little more weight and gain a bit more muscle by employing a similar system to this project - it'll be interesting to see if I can manage it! The one thing I know for certain is I can't just give up now and go back to living how I used to now that I've seen what I can achieve with a bit of restraint and commitment.

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    Way to go Dan. You have a lot to be proud of. Good luck in continuing the journey on your own.


    Dan, congratulations to you and the team. I have followed your progress and love the fact that your weight loss has been realistic and achievable, and importantly sustainable! Puts all those reality weight loss shows to shame. Keep building on your efforts, and I would love to see an update in the future. Thank you all for sharing the journey :)


    Way to go Dan! Great progress and inspiring for others. I love the fact that it was focused on developing new lifestyle choices and realistic goals.Great teamwork!


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