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Stronger, Fitter, Leaner. What can you achieve in 4 weeks?


Posted by Adrian K under Nutrition, Weight Training (Strength Training), Pilates on 1 March 2013 at 12:00 AM

What kind of progress do you think you could have made in your early days starting out training if you had access to accurate and useful training information? Having access to the right information and feeling like you are moving in the right direction towards your goals can often make or break you, and will play a large role in determining your success. 

Stronger Fitter Leaner Challenge

We were curious to find out how much can be achieved both mentally and physically with proper nutrition, training advice and commitment  in the early days of training, so we’ve teamed up with Lars C, Pat F (Leaner UK), Niall C (Evolve Primal) and Korin N (bootcamp pilates) to whip Tribesports user Dan M into shape with a 4 week bootcamp - the StrongerFitterLeaner Challenge.

For the next 4 weeks Dan will be following a structured Strength Training program, put together by trainer Pat, whilst following a strict high protein paleo diet – planned and provided by Evolve Primal and heading down to Bootcamp Pilates to take regular classes with Korin. 

If you want to join in the Challenge then head over here and click take. To follow the rules of the Challenge and the advice provided by Pat, Niall and Korin, you will need to perform strength based weight training workouts or Strength and Pilates 5 times a week and adhere strictly to a high protein, low carb Paleo diet. Check out what's on the menu for the next 4 weeks - paleo can be gourmet too!

Paleo selection

To maximise your strength gains and fat loss, Pat also recommends cutting out or limiting your cardio.

We caught up with Dan earlier this week to hear his thoughts about his upcoming lifestyle change and training bootcamp.

Dan M and his trainer for Stronger Fitter Leaner ChallengeWhat made you decide to try and get in shape? 

I felt like I was developing worse and worse fitness habits with my long hours at work, both nutritionally and in terms of exercise. An opportunity to try something pretty extreme and different definitely appealed to me. My exercise currently consists of 7-a-side football once a week (followed by the occasional pint) and irregular jogging, once or twice a week. As a late night shift worker, I’ve developed the habit of eating large, often unhealthy, dinners and snacks to energise me through the night.

How do you think working with Patrick, Korin and Evolve Primal will help you with your fitness?

It helps to have expert support and input on how I should be exercising and eating, and also to have people you can't afford to let down! I’m grateful for their guidance and keen to learn from them.

Have you ever tried Strength Training, Pilates or a Paleo diet before?

I did a fair bit of strength training early on in University with my housemates and found it to be really rewarding. I have never attempted or even considered Pilates or Paleo before, but reading up on it, both are proving to be very different from the pre-conceptions I had of them!

What are your thoughts on getting started? Excited? Nervous? 

Definitely excited. I'm fully embracing every aspect of what I'll have to cut out and the ways in which I'll have to push myself. I'm a bit nervous because of the daunting amount of leg-stretching involved, but I'm up for the challenge!

Take the StrongerFitterLeaner Challenge with Dan and see how far much you can achieve in 4 weeks, check back next Friday and follow Dan's progress on the Tribesports blog!

Check out week one and week two of the program now