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Stronger Swimmer Workout


Posted by Nikki T of Life After Swimming under Swimming, Weight Training (Strength Training) on 4 June 2013 at 11:00 PM

 Want to be a stronger swimmer? Then you've got to put in the hours in the water and the right complimentary training out the pool!

Nikki T is a former competitive swimmer who has put together some of her top advice on how to improve your swimming through a combination of technique drills and supersets of full body strength training for swimming.

Challenge for out the pool:

Swimming Supersets

To become a stronger swimmer, you must strengthen your muscles - this can be achieved through resistance training - in this case, the training is a full-body weight superset Challenge

What muscles do you use when swimming? The quick answer is that swimming uses your whole body in order to stabilize yourself in the water and to power your movement through the water. Muscles worked when swimming - read this great guide to find out more. 

Pool drills to make you a stronger swimmer:

  • Six kick switch swimming drill  - this is a drill that allows you to focus on your position in the water, your body rotation, and your forward drive.  Being balanced in the water increases speed.  Add this drill to practices to help strength your stroke and make it more efficient. 

  • Catch up swimming drill - the focus on catch-up drill is to work on body alignment, timing, and extension.  The idea is to have the hands "catch" each other out in front of the body.  It is very similar to swimming freestyle regularly, but the focus is on extending the arms out in front of the body.  The idea is that, when one arm is pulling, the other is not.  Catch up swimming drill