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Summer bodies: 30% Gym 70% Diet?


Posted by Cags R under Nutrition on 9 April 2013 at 11:00 PM

Everybody wants to get a great body for the summer, it's around this time of year when we look back on those New Years resolutions and think 'I would be there by now if I'd stuck to it' but it's not too late to make improvements to get your body ready for the summer!

Rather than having a miserable 2 weeks before your holiday eating low fat cereal options for every meal and checking the scales every 6 hours, now is the time to up your training for that summer body you're looking for, both in regards to your diet and exercise levels.

30% Gym 70% diet - Summer bodies

What does 30% gym and 70% diet mean?

This ratio, along with 20:80 is often quoted as being how lean bodies are made. What does it mean?  The easiest way to get a good summer body is to have great diet which keeps you from gaining fat along with a good workout routine which means you'll have the muscles to show off once you lose the fat!

Let's start with the basics of getting a lean body:

  • Lean bodies have a high muscle to fat ratio which means muscles are visible as there is a low level of fat
  • Everyone in the world has a six pack - most people just hide their's!
  • Lean bodies and "toned" bodies are the same thing - to get a "toned physique", don't fear muscle gain
  • Lean bodies can be heavier than fat bodies
  • Muscles shouldn't make you look bulky - in fact they will lead to more cuts, curves and definition, if you are looking "bulky" then this will most likely be because you still have some more fat stores to lose

Getting your summer body will require will-power, both when exercising and in regards to your diet. Many people find this combination of will-power the biggest challenge when striving for their summer body: it's hard to resist "I worked hard in the gym today so I will reward myself with this food" AND "I've been so good with my food recently, do I need to go and workout?". 

Stay motivated for getting your summer body with advice in Training for Beach Bodies Tribe

Here are 3 tips to keep you on the straight and narrow to achieving your summer body:

  1. Rewards: find a way to reward yourself for big achievements and make it a healthy reward. If you're celebrating hitting new Personal Bests at exercise or celebrating new marked improvements in your physical appearance, make sure the reward is something that will help you continue to move in that direction

  2. Know your habits: if you know your habits then they are easier to adapt - "I always crave a snack in the afternoon at work" can be a downfall to many diet plans, arriving with a healthy option will stop the vending machine raid, as well as putting you firmly in control of what you're eating

  3. Results take time: we recently hosted the Stronger Fitter Leaner project which showed what 4 weeks of hard work, pilates, paleo diet and weight training can do - the results were impressive with Dan losing 3% of his body fat, but this is still a work in progress. Expecting immediate results is demotivating, approaching your summer body challenge as a long term life style change will reap better results than rushed unsustainable crash diets
    Dan Moss transformation picture