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Super Bodyweight Exercises


Posted by Al Kavadlo of Al Kavadlo Calisthenics Training under Fitness & Training on 2 July 2013 at 11:00 PM

Al Kavadlo

Al Kavadlo is our regularly featured bodyweight exercise guru! He's put together his top 5 super bodyweight exercises which will work your whole body.

"I've chosen these five exercises as they are all simple, accessible and scalable to any fitness level. None of them require any equipment other than a bar to hang from - no weights and no machines. However, between these five simple movement patterns, you can work every muscle in the body, including your heart, and get a well rounded full-body workout."

Super Bodyweight Exercises

  • Push-ups emphasize the chest, shoulders and triceps
  • Pull-ups focus on the back and biceps
  • Squats work all the muscles of the lower body
  • Hanging leg raises emphasize the abs
  • Back bridges hit the lower back, shoulders, glutes and legs.

If you're not ready for these exercises yet, start with simpler variations like incline push-ups, Australian pull-ups, bench squats, hanging bent-knee raises and partial back bridges. Focus on perfecting your form first and getting to 20 or more reps on those easier variations before moving on. Similarly, once you can do lots of reps of these exercises, you can progress to harder variations like one-arm push-ups, muscle-ups, pistol squats, front levers and stand-to-stand bridges.

Bodyweight training is simple, effective and offers something for everyone!

Check out the Al Kavadlo Challenge series - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced which use these exercises (in different variations based on ability) in order to build strength using only your body bodyweight.