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Tag & Win Competition


Posted by Cags R under Running on 3 April 2014 at 5:00 PM

Give a friend a boost in running motivation with our Tag & Win Facebook Competition.

Tag a friend in this photo who you want to encourage to Keep Running and you could win a pair of $75 vouchers to spend in the Tribesports shop. The winners will be able to reload their fitness wardrobe to keep them running! Whether they're in the final few weeks before their first marathon or are just starting out with their running, give their training a little extra motivation.Keep Running

The Keep Running image is filled with the excuses we use to give up when we run, but what is it that keeps you running?

Positive mental attitude may be a cliche nowadays, but your attitude can really affect your performance, especially when you're running, here are 3 tips to keep yourself on the move and loving your run!

  1. Positive phrasing - so simple, but if you feel yourself tiring, tell yourself to Keep Running - there is a world of difference between thinking "Keep Running" to thinking "Don't Stop". Although on the surface the 2 are interchangeable, the positive reinforcement of "Keep Running" will be more rewarding than the negative "Don't Stop".

  2. Realistic goal setting - before setting out on any training program or run, test your base level of ability, this way you can set yourself achievable and progressive goals rather than plucking a number out the air to strive for. Use standard distances to benchmark your progress (5/10/15km for example) and record your times if you're striving to improve them.

  3. Reward hard work - treat yourself when you achieve new PBs or have stuck to your training plan, but try not to make it food based. Why? Because food and exercise are psychologically linked - I've burned X so I can eay Y. But what happens when you've eaten Y and didn't burn X?!!? The best way to keep a healthy balance between what you eat and how you train is to view food as you always have, rather than as a reward.

Read full Terms and Conditions of the competition here