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Talk, talk, talk...Tribesports releases new Talk pages!


Posted by Steve R on 7 December 2011 at 6:05 PM

Our users love to chat. They never stop! Whether it's posting updates, commenting on each others activity, helping each other through questions and answers, or chatting about relevant things in topics in their Tribes - getting social with their sports is what Tribesports is all about.

So - we've pulled together a view of Tribe topics and Tribe and Challenge questions and answers, in a new site section called 'Talk'! Users can then refine it by sports, as well as pick out unanswered questions, or see which are the most popular questions. Check it out here - you'll also see it staring at you, shouting click me, from the top navigation.  Be careful though - it is very addictive once you start!

Here are the questions related to running for example - Running Questions!

To ask a question or start a topic, you still need to go to a relevant Tribe or Challenge (but we will change this soon to make it quicker and easier) - but hopefully you'll get answers quicker and more chat going on in your topics with today's release - so get creating those topics and questions!

Remember that you can also vote up and down answers to questions - take this favourite sports movies question for example (how Cool Runnings isn't number 1, I have no idea! :-))

Our topics in Tribes are similar to forums that you find on other sites, but a bit snazzier. Pick out your top sports, find a Tribe or two, join them and get chatting.

Here is a quick hint as well (for those that have read this far!) - there are good leader board points available for answering questions and 'talking' :-)