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Tasty Recipe Swaps


Posted by Cags R under Nutrition on 29 April 2012 at 8:00 AM

Here on Tribesports we're not all about planking and push ups, we're also about food!
We've got plenty of nutritional advice and recipe swaps which one day I dream of turning into 'The Tribesports Cook Book - Train Hard, Eat Hard' - a working title of all the amazing dishes that get shared on the site!

As a Sunday treat and to set you up for the week ahead, here are some of the tastiest looking dishes from the Cooking and Recipe Swaps Tribe:

For our starter Lee Rae's Thai Style Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Soup with Pesto.

A healthy dose of Vitamin A from the sweet potato and pumpkin along with the natural fats of coconut milk which makes it taste great as well!
Vegetarian-friendly and Lee-Rae's recommendation to serve with naan is excellent! 

Ready to eat in 30 minutes, including prep time and you can make enough for the week.
Get the full recipe here!

There are some delicious and original recipes for you fish lovers so let's start with Sarah L's Smoked fish and blue cheese risotto:

Risotto is the impatient chef's worst nightmare (ask my friends about my patented 'al-dente' crunch!) but Sarah L has a simple step-by-step method for perfect creamy risotto!
Get more protein into your diet and omega 3 by using oily (the good kind) smoked fish.

If you fancy giving it a try then get the recipe and leave your feedback here!

No time for stirring a risotto? How about Jenna A's quick and tasty Prawn Chilli Pasta?

15 minutes and you can have a delicious pasta dish with loads of great different flavours going on - a great main dish to follow Lee Rae's Thai soup. The chilli and lime give some classic Thai flavours with the parmesan and fusilli making it a true fusion dish. 
Tempted? Check it out here! 

Minimal washing up but tonnes of taste! It's Kirstie M's Salmon Veg bake:

One tray, one knife and a chopping board and the washing up is done! This is a great dish which you can play around with to your own taste - add your favourite vegetables and season to your own taste. Definitely worth taking your time with this bake - get the full reciple here!

Not a fishy person? How about trying David T's Slow Cooked Game Casserole:

Put dinner on at 3pm and get out exercising with the knowledge that there's a meal ready when you get home. A great warming dish and absolutely no time pressure! David uses a mix of different game meat such as rabbit, pigeon and venison - a nice change from the usual meat on your plate.
Give it a try and get David's recipe here

Embrace your inner student with Phil T's Homemade Pot Noodle!

Noodles on the go without being pumped with chemicals which will make you glow in the dark! Phil's quick and easy recipe is a healthier alternative to convenience dining at your desk. Check it out here!

And for dessert? Kirstie M has a Low Fat Strawberry Cheesecake!

Low fast cream cheese, fresh stawberries, lime and crushed cookies = YUM! Interested?
Full recipe here!

Get some of your favourites up in the Recipe Swap and Cooking Tribe and how about Scratch Cooking for a week Challenge to get more creative in the kitchen?
Rose K recommends her sardines, yoghurt, celery and spring onion rice dish - we don't!

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    A great start for the cookbook guys! For my game casserole that was mix of meats I had to hand, in practice it almost always has venison in it but the other stuff will just be what is in season and in my fridge or freezer when I decide to make it. Hare, pheasant, grouse, wild boar, duck all make tasty variations and in practice it is one of those dishes that is a little bit different every time you cook it.


    Aw - thanks for the love guys! The salmon tray bake dish works well with chicken too, if fish isn't your thing - add with the veggies and cook until the juices run clear when the thickest part is pierced. And I think a cookbook would be a great idea!

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