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Team Tribesports Challenges: One Month to Go


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 31 May 2012 at 11:00 PM

With one month left of our Challenges for Team Tribesports let's check out the scores on the doors!

Team Pull-ups - COMPLETE!!!

If you contributed to the 1000 pull-ups then give yourself a pat on the back and tick off that Challenge! Totally under-estimated the power of Team Tribesports but there are plenty more Challenges for us to complete. Well done Team!

The final pull ups were added by Jacqueline S who also set a new PB of 6 pull ups in one go! And massive respect to the team members who carried us further like David B and Rob Y - Great work!

Team Squats 

As you can see by my awfully important and impressive Pie-Chart (yes I have excel and am unafraid to use it!) the girls are taking the lead in the Team Squats Challenge, having completed 56% of the squats so far.

Leading the way in this Challenge we have Lisa M who is currently suffering from chronic 'not-enough-squats-in-the-day'-itus, a rare but life changing disorder!

Keeping the boys in the game is Robert W who is cracking through hundreds of squats a day - keep it up Robert!

With still over 50,000 squats left to perform we need around 2000 a day to complete this Challenge so time to get squatting! 

Team Push-Ups - 51,670

The boys are taking the lead with Team Push Ups but with just under 50,000 left to go, make sure every push up counts! Ruth C has been doing the girls proud with over a thousand push ups donated, this paired with the contributions from Frank P is putting us in good stead for the 100,000!

The variety of push ups has also been impressive; there's been one legged, diamond, knuckle, claps and one armed to name but a few.

Whether you're adding 10 or 1000, every little helps in these culmulative team Challenges so drop and gimme 20!

Team Planking - 724 minutes

That's right, we've spent over 12 hours planking so far with less than 5 to go! The current world record for planking stands at just over 80 minutes - think we can give him a run for his money? See how many minutes you can plank in a day - here's Jack A busting out 30 minutes in one day!

 One month to go Team Tribesports - let's smash it!!