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Team Tribesports Challenges: WE DID IT!!


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 30 June 2012 at 11:00 PM


The Team Challenges took off with extraordinary popularity, with the Team pledging 100,000 push ups, 1000 minutes of planking, 1000 pull ups and 100,000 squats all due by the 1st July. 

Not only did we smash those targets with time to spare but there have been excellent contributions to the Challenges to continue them after reaching the target! 

As well as the original 4, Team Tribesports has also smashed out 30,000 crunches, great work team, Abs of steel Tribe is getting pretty full!

The original Challenges may be complete but there are more still to complete which you have until the end of July to do:

Team Bridge: 10,000 minutes by 31st July

Use all the abdominal stamina you've built up from the team planking and get bridging! Your squats will come in handy here too - clock some minutes or hours to help out the team with this Challenge.

Team Burpees: 50,000 by 1st August

Everyone's favourite exercise is now on the Team Challenges, get your heart rate up with 50,000 burpees by August. 

Team Tribesports is doing an amazing job with these Challenges so KEEP IT UP!!