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Technology in the Paralympics: bridging the gap


Posted by Cags R under General on 13 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

There was a time when having a disability would as good as write you off in the sporting world - not anymore! The beauty of the Paralympics is the inclusion and celebration of such a wide range of competitors who are smashing world records and providing awesome displays of sportsmanship.

Here's a great infographic which takes you through the technology behind the Paralympic Games and shows how the gap between Paralympic and Olympic athletes is increasingly becoming a thing of the past:

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    I'm really excited by the Paralympics - looks to be incredibly physical and incredibly competitive - moreso than the Olympics, perhaps?!!! I'm spending the whole of the 1st / 2nd Sept at events - woohoo!

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    great comparison... really interesting stuff!


    I've got a ticket for the archery and I can't wait!!! Archery was one of the first sports used to help with rehabilitation and is a sport that can be done by almost anyone regardless of their age, size or disability.

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    Fascinating comparison......I have tickets for athletics x 2 and also for swimming and cannot am a volunteer for the entire exciting :)

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    thats really great Paddy, to be able to volunteer for that! i hope you have a wonderful inspiring experience!


    I'm pretty excited for the athletics on the 5th September, think I get to see some medals being handed out!

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