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Tennis Guides for Improving your Game


Posted by Cags R under Tennis on 7 June 2012 at 11:00 PM

With the close of the French Open and the approach of Wimbledon, it seems that there's only one word on everybody's lips: Tennis.

The pros may be smashing it on centre court in the coming weeks but it's time to up your own game. Whether you play regularly or simply enjoy a casual knock-around, this year wow your tennis partners with some silky new skills! Check out these guides which are fresh out of the Tribesports Tennis Academy Tribe. 

 How to choose a tennis racket - you won't get far without one and this is a good guide for answering a range of questions you will need to ask yourself when purchasing a racket: how much to spend, what weight is best for you and which racket size suits your experience.

How to choose a good tennis shoe
- to get you started you should look into wearing the right equipment; the correct  shoes can provide better support and will last longer than if you are playing in multi-purpose trainers.

The tread on the sole is designed for the quick start-stop nature of tennis.

This guide has excellent specific examples of what to look for in your tennis shoe, depending on your foot's structure and your weight.

When to use each different type of shot - once you're all kitted up it's time to assess what's in your arsenal of shots; this guide take you through your options and when to use each one - also see Karl Q's shot specific guides which give you a break down of each individual shot.

Spotting and Exploiting your opponents weaknesses - suss out where you can attack and how best to prevent your opponent from playing their preferred shots.

Reading your opponent starts in the warm up and if you do it well then there's very little they can do to stop you manipulating the way they play. If you know their backhand is consistently weak then hammer it, changing your shot speed to disrupt their game and taking control of the match.

10 Match winning tips - follow these tips for match day success!