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The art in running: are you getting creative with your running routes?


Posted by Cags R under Running on 20 October 2012 at 11:00 PM

In previous articles, we've discussed the motivation, technique and advantages of running but today, we're talking about the artistic side. No, not in the philosophical term but the geographical!

Challenges such as Draw an animal with the route of your run have captured the imaginations of the Tribesports community so here's our gallery of amazing artistic running!

Terry M has gone to great lengths to create this masterpiece: You're aving a ........ mate

Frank P's own monster creation

Giraffe run!

Points go to anyone who can help name Frank P's art - he's created his own Frankenmonster!

Sian S drew out the world's biggest bunny - over 29 miles in circumference:

Big bunny map run

We've had some hilarious animals (and other ruder artwork - Barry M we're looking at you!) but our favourite piece of running art has to be from John G in the S P E L L it out for me please! Challenge

Feeling artistic? Then get out on the road and draw us a picture!