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The Atlanta smoking ban: welcome to fresh air!


Posted by Cags R under General on 3 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

Atlanta has recently passed a law to ban smoking in work places, bars, restaurants and public parks. They are the largest southern city to take on the ban which is also in place

A similar ban was enforced in England in 2007, so what's changed in 5 years?

  • Barworkers now enjoy better respiratory health thanks to the reduction in second hand smoke 
  • There has been a 2.4% reduction in emergency admissions for heart attacks
  • Many smokers who wanted to smoke before the ban found it easier to quit when the ban was enforced.

How has quitting helped Tribesports users? 

Since I stopped smoking I have gone a bit exercise crazy! I always have been a keen runner, but now I can breathe properly I can finally live up to my potential. This year 10ks, half and full marathons, ultras!
James B

I quit after 32 years of smoking. It's been close to 4 years now and I will never go back
Shawn C

I smoked for 17 years, the last five of that was 2 packs of menthol a day, with me smoking the second pack between 4 pm and 9 pm...I was bad,not only were my fingers stained yellow, but I had a yellow stain going up my cheek.....when my 3rd child was born 11 years ago, I decided I needed to be alive for cold turkey it was tough,but will power....I made goals, saying at 6 months I would get back into the dojo and competing....I knew if I faltered I would suffer,so I bullied through, now I am 11 years without a smoke...not a cheat puff, not a single inhale....want it bad enough and you'll get it
Billy B

If you're trying to quit then find support in the No Smoking Tribe, take on advice and encouragement from those who have quit and find others going through the same experience as you. 

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    I did a little dance when the smoking ban came into force in Wales...then I moved to England and had to wait another month before it caught on here, gah! I did get to do another little dance of joy though. Congrats Atlanta! And very well done to Billy, Shawn and James! :-)

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    Nice to hear that. Been subject to smoke (but never been one) since my childhood. My father was a chain-smoker, then came friends (college, early work) and I was subject to passive smoking since several years. Over a period of time, I developed an aversion towards it and now feel much better. Except for a rare few, none of my friends who I meet face to face, is a smoker. It has been a good change. :)


    No smoking in scotland, one of the better ideas the bigwigs have had! The first couple of years until the smell goes away (redecorated pubs n clubs) atmosphere still there, smokers still there (just outside in shelters), lots more places are opening beer gardens to attract the smokers back. Maybe the law didn't go quite far enough

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    I smoke for like a year and a half, but I always keep my trainings and doing exercise constantly, so smoking didn't really convinced me. Last cigarrete I smoked was two years ago and I'm really glad that pepole quit.

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