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The Long Weekend of Marathons


Posted by Cags R under Marathon Running on 12 April 2012 at 11:00 AM

This weekend will host the Brighton, Paris and Boston Marathons and Tribesports users are out in force, running for some amazing charities and earning their stripes over this epic weekend of running! 

Show  your support to our representatives across 3 countries and if you're going down to watch be sure to look out for some of these familiar faces!

Brighton Marathon 2012

Barry B will see you at the finish line after his successful warm up 2 weekends ago at the Croydon Half.

Meanwhile Chris B will have a smile on his face as he completes his Challenge to Run 100km in April during the marathon this Sunday.

Newcomer to Tribesports Andy W will be aiming to Run a Marathon in Under 4 hours so give him a big cheer as he speeds past the 20 mile mark!

Stuart K is eating himself silly in preparations for the race and loving every second of it!

After making his target marathon pace on his final run Andy B has been struggling to stop his feet twitching during the last week of tapering!

A smashing 1:29 Reading Half Marathon has set Nick S in great stead for Brighton on Sunday.

Stefan K is running into the marathon having set a new 5k PB so here's hoping for another PB at Brighton!

Boston Marathon 2012

Lesley B will be aiming to complete the Boston Marathon in a pretty speedy time: good luck with the Run a Marathon in Under 3:30 Challenge Lesley!

Michael M is coming down from Canada for the event, give him a wave as he storms by!

Seasoned marathon runner James M is pushing himself for a Marathon in Less than 3:15, amazing stuff!

Paris Marathon 2012

Disaster struck this week when Steve and Sean had to bow out of the Paris Marathon due to injury but never fear, Tribesports will still be represented!

Kate O is raising loads of money for Sarcoma UK and is determined to battle her cold before heading across the Channel to Paris.

Team mate to Kate is Katherine F, they will be heading over to Paris tomorrow and Katherine is preparing her breakfast of champions for the big race!

Jenny B has set a new half marathon PB of 1:49 and we can't wait to hear what her new marathon time will be on Sunday, good luck Jenny!

Jerome T doesn't have far to travel on Sunday, as a Paris local he's had time to suss out the route and preparing for an awesome run.

Cieren L will be gutted to be missing out on his finish-line smooch from Steve so be sure to give him an extra cheer of support!

Elliot M will be taking on his first marathon this weekend and aiming to do it in Under 4 hours.

Higor G is another Paris local and newcomer to Tribesports, best of luck to you Higor!

So Tribesports what's your last minute marathon advice for our runners this weekend? And which marathon have you always wanted to run?

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    what an incredibly inspiring bunch - amazing! Best of luck to one and all :)


    If we've missed you and you want a shout out for your run this weekend let us know! Any last minute nerves or rituals going on?


    Wow - happy running to everyone taking part this weekend! May you all get personal bests =)

    Jenna A encouraged this.


    Yikes - now do we actually have to run it? Ooooo-errrr! There's nervous energy all over the place.......... But THANK YOU Tribesports!!

    Jenna A encouraged this.


    Thanks for the shout out! I am soooo excited to go to Boston. We leave on Saturday. The intense nervous energy in my house is overwhelming right now! Both my fiancé and I are racing. We are super excited and all the support from everyone will help us reach that finish line! :) Good Luck to all the other runners and THANK YOU!

    Steve R and David H encouraged this.


    Good luck Lesley and send your other-half our best too!

    Lesley B encouraged this.


    Thanks for the mention! I'm looking forward to it!


    I'd wish you all luck, but you don't need it - you've done your training - now all that is left is to believe in yourself, and get out there and enjoy it! If and when you hit the wall, remember that it's not supposed to be easy, and running through it is what makes you special compared to Joe Bloggs on the street. Keep a smile on your face, high five a kid if you're feeling low, it will perk you right back up, reminding yourself you're doing something amazing....and most of all, have fun!

    Lesley B encouraged this.


    good luck all. @barry a fiver says you don't do it in less than 4 hours.


    Thanks for everyone's support & good luck to everyone racing this weekend. Tribesports has been a real inspiration

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