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The Return of Summer Sports


Posted by Cags R under Volleyball, Cricket, Baseball, Tennis, General on 5 May 2012 at 7:33 AM

Rusty racquets, busted bats, suncream and hats; summer's arriving (slowly for some) so it's time to dig out your summer sports kit and dust off the cobwebs. Here are some Challenges for the summer sports coming into season:

Baseball season has begun and see if you can rack up some Challenges during your 2012 season; see if you can manage 20 Home Runs in One Season, to train for this should get your 60 Yards Sprint in Under 7 Seconds.

Another baseball Challenge for the pitchers is to throw Two Strike-Outs in a Row.

Get your practice in and work on your long throw; Long Toss 50 Yards Challenge. Accuracy and distance - a winning combination!

One of the most popular Olympic sports - beach volleyball is taking over!

Next time you're at the beach take the Challenge to Beat the Locals on Holiday, see if you can impress them by Completing a Successful Jump Serve.

Bikinis and boardies are optional but suncream compulsory!

Tennis whites at the ready! Work on your consistency and accuracy with the 20 Strokes Tramlines Rally Challenge - both you and your rally partner will need to work together to keep the ball within the 4.5 feet of the tramlines. 

Don't have a partner to train with? Try out the Serving Practice - Corner Serves Challenge, inspired by the awful Rom-Com Wimbledon; this Challenge is actually pretty helpful for improving your killer-serves!

Warmer weather heading in means we can do more water sports!

How about getting out on the water windsurfing? Can you Land a Cheese Roll or pull off a Beach Start?

Show off your skills with some pictures and videos; there are some awesome pictures in the Kitesurfing Addicts Tribe.

We know Tribesports is filled with water sports enthusiasts so let's share some of our experiences from the water! 

For those of you dying to get back on the cricket pitch Hit a Six Challenge is a great way to start your season. 

Bowlers should take on the Challenge to Bowl a Batsman Out for a  Diamond Duck; first ball to the first batsman caught/LBW/bowled out, give the opposition a major psych out in the first ball and keep them coming!

What sport have you been dying to get back to for the new season?